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Updating Your Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Environment

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Updated: March 2019

Updating Solaris Branded Failover Zones

A failover zone is a non-global zone that is configured with the HA for Oracle Solaris Zones data service so that it can be managed by the Oracle Solaris Cluster software. If you have failover zones of brand type solaris configured on the cluster, perform this procedure in conjunction with the procedures for the cluster update method that you use.

After you update the solaris branded zone, failover behavior differs, depending on the version of Oracle Solaris the cluster is running.

  • On Oracle Solaris 11.3 or Oracle Solaris 11.4, the zone is attached using the –x deny-zbe-clone option of the zoneadm attach command. For more information about this option, see the zoneadm (8) man page.

Note -  You can update a failover zone only when using the standard update or rolling update method. You cannot update a failover zone when using the dual-partition update method.

Note -  If you are updating Oracle Solaris or Oracle Solaris10 branded failover zones in a cluster in a Disaster Recovery configuration, refer to Updating the Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Cluster Software with HA for Oracle Solaris Zones in a Disaster Recovery Configuration (Doc ID 2250186.1).

Note -  If you are updating resources registered as ORCL.ha-zone_sczbt, ORCL.ha-zone_sczsh or ORCL.ha-zone_sczsmf, you must update to Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 before you update to Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4. See .