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Updating Your Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Environment

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Updated: March 2019

Updating Tips for SRUs

Use the following tips to administer Oracle Solaris Cluster SRU updates more efficiently:

Note -  Avoid using the pkg command to apply an Oracle Solaris Cluster SRU that provides significant functionality changes. Instead, use the scinstall -u update command or utility, which performs additional cluster checks, to ensure that the cluster meets certain support requirements of the new software version.
  • Read the SRU's README file before performing the update.

  • Check the update requirements of your storage devices.

  • Check the hardware firmware levels and install any required firmware updates that might be needed. Consult your hardware documentation for information on firmware updates.

  • When updating a node, you might occasionally need to temporarily remove a node from cluster membership, or to stop the entire cluster before performing the update.

  • Apply all updates before running the cluster in a production environment.

  • All nodes acting as cluster members must have the same updates.

  • Run the scversions command on all nodes. This enables the cluster to utilize all features in the newer software. See the scversions(8) man page for more information.

  • Keep cluster subsystem updates up to date. These updates include, for example, volume management, storage device firmware, and cluster transport.

  • Test failover after major updates. Be prepared to back out the update if cluster operation is degraded or impaired.