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Updating Your Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Environment

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Updated: March 2019

Updating a Specific Package or SRU (scinstall)

You can install an SRU on a solaris branded zone cluster by using the scinstall-u update command in the underlying global cluster.

How to Update a Specific Package or SRU (scinstall)

Perform this procedure to update a global cluster branded zone cluster by using the scinstall-u update command to install an SRU or update specific packages. Any zone cluster on the cluster node will automatically also receive this update.

Note -  To update a solaris branded failover zone by using the scinstall command, follow procedures in Updating Zones Managed by Oracle Solaris Cluster Software.
  1. On a node of the global cluster, assume the root role or a role that provides solaris.cluster.admin authorization.
  2. Update the global-cluster node.
    phys-schost# scinstall -u update [-b be-name]
    ha-cluster-geo-incorporation@<cluster-version> entire@<solaris-version>

    The command here is for illustration purposes. If the disaster recovery framework software is not installed do not include it in the command.

  3. Repeat the preceding steps for each global-cluster node.
  4. From one global-cluster node, shutdown the global cluster. Then from each global cluster node, boot the nodes back up.
    phys-schost# cluster shutdown -g 0 -y
    <OK> boot