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Updating Your Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Environment

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Updated: March 2019

Updating a Specific Package or SRU (pkg)

Each IPS package is described by a Fault Managed Resource Indicator (FMRI), and you use the pkg command to perform the SRU update. You can also update a specific package, such as to update a Oracle Solaris Cluster data service agent.

Alternatively, you can also use the scinstall –u update command to perform an SRU or package update. See Updating a Specific Package or SRU (scinstall).

How to Update a Specific Package or SRU (pkg)

Perform this procedure on each global cluster node you want to update. Any zone cluster on the cluster node will automatically also receive this update.

Note the following results of package updates:

  • If a newer version of an installed package is available and is compatible with the rest of the image, the package is updated to that version.

  • If the package contains binaries that have the reboot-needed flag set to true, then running the pkg update pkg-fmri command automatically creates a new boot environment. After the update, you must boot into the new boot environment.

  • If the package you are updating does not contain any binaries that force a reboot, then the pkg update command updates the live image and a reboot is not necessary.

  1. Assume the root role or a role that provides solaris.cluster.admin authorization.
  2. Update the package.

    For more information about pkg update options, see the pkg(1) man page.

    • To update all installed packages that have updates available, use the pkg update command with no operand.
      # pkg update
    • To update a package from a specific publisher, specify the publisher name in the pkg-fmri.
      # pkg update pkg-fmri
    • To update a data service agent (ha-cluster/data-service/* or the generic data service agent of ha-cluster/ha-service/gds), run the following commands.
      # pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.pkg-name=false
      # pkg update pkg-name

      For example:

      # pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.ha-cluster/data-service/weblogic=false
      # pkg update ha-cluster/data-service/weblogic

      Note -  If you want to freeze an agent to prevent it from being updated, run the following commands.
      # pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.pkg-name=false
      # pkg freeze pkg-name

      For more information about freezing a specific agent, see Controlling Installation of Optional Components in Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle Solaris 11.4.

  3. Verify that the package was updated.
    # pkg verify -v pkg-fmri