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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Operating Systems Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Set Up the Boot Media for Local Installation

  1. Obtain the installation media for the operating system to be installed.
    Operating System
    Oracle Solaris
    • x86 Text Installer

    • x86 USB Text Installer

    • x86 Automated Installer Boot Image

    • x86 USB Automated Installer Boot Image

    Oracle Linux
    • ISO DVD image

    • Kickstart image

    Oracle VM Server
    AI image
    • DVD

    • ISO image

  2. Insert the operating system installation media DVD into a DVD drive attached to the server.

    If your server does not have a DVD drive, insert an external USB DVD drive or a USB flash drive that contains the operating system installation media into one of the external USB ports located on the front and back of the server.