Java Platform, Enterprise Edition: The Java EE Tutorial

51.5 Transaction Timeouts

For container-managed transactions, you can use the Administration Console to configure the transaction timeout interval. See Starting the Administration Console.

For enterprise beans with bean-managed JTA transactions, you invoke the setTransactionTimeout method of the UserTransaction interface.

51.5.1 To Set a Transaction Timeout

  1. In the Administration Console, expand the Configurations node, then expand the server-config node and select Transaction Service.

  2. On the Transaction Service page, set the value of the Transaction Timeout field to the value of your choice (for example, 5).

    With this setting, if the transaction has not completed within 5 seconds, the EJB container rolls it back.

    The default value is 0, meaning that the transaction will not time out.

  3. Click Save.

Close Window

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Java Platform, Enterprise Edition: The Java EE Tutorial

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