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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Installation Guide, Version 1.0

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Document Information

1.  System Requirements

2.  Installation Procedures

3.  Working With NetBeans

4.  Working With Eclipse

5.  Command Line Options

Changing Default Resolution for Linux SDK

Stop a Running VM

Chapter 5

Command Line Options

This chapter explains how to use certain CVM command line options. The same options can be used with the emulator executable.

Changing Default Resolution for Linux SDK

To change the resolution add the following line to the DirectFB resource file ~/.directfbrc.


Another way to change the resolution is to add the following parameters in the command line:


For example, the command to execute an application with a specific screen resolution of 640x480 could be:

-Xdevice:HDTV -DFBARGS=mode=640x480 -Xms48m
-cp /home/dawn/NetBeansProjects/test/dist/test.jar test.Main

Stop a Running VM

If you want to stop the VM emulator (while running in debug mode or not) it is not sufficient to press the red stop key in NetBeans. Pressing the stop key only stops the NetBeans build. There are several ways to stop the VM application: