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Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit Version 3.0, Mac OS

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Document Information

Getting Started


Using Sample Projects

Creating and Editing Projects

Viewing and Editing Project Properties

General Project Properties

Platform Selection

Editing Application Descriptor Properties

MIDP Attributes

Add an Attribute

Edit an Attribute

Remove an Attribute


Add a MIDlet

Edit a MIDlet

Remove a MIDLet

Change MIDlet Display Order

Push Registry

Add a Push Registry Entry

Edit a Push Registry Entry

Remove a Push Registry Entry

Change Push Registry Display Order

API Permissions

Adding Permission Requests

Building a Project

Configuring Ant


Adding Libraries and Resources

Creating JAR and JAD Files (Packaging)



Exporting a Key

Running Settings

Running Projects in the Emulator

Searching the WURFL Device Database

Finding Files in the Multiple User Environment

Profiling Applications

Network Monitoring

Lightweight UI Toolkit

Security and MIDlet Signing

CLDC Emulation on a Windows Mobile Device

Installing CLDC Emulation on a Windows Mobile Emulator (Windows Only)

On-device Debugging

Command Line Reference


JSR Support

JSR 75: PDA Optional Packages

JSR 82: Bluetooth and OBEX Support

JSR 135: Mobile Media API Support

JSR 172: Web Services Support

JSR 177: Smart Card Security (SATSA)

JSR 179: Location API Support

JSR 180: SIP Communications

JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics

JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA) Support

JSR 211: Content Handler API (CHAPI)

JSR 226: Scalable 2D Vector Graphics

JSR 229: Payment API Support

JSR 238: Mobile Internationalization API (MIA)

JSR 256: Mobile Sensor API Support



To view this property page, right-click on a project and choose Properties. In the Properties window Build category, choose Compiling.

This page enables you to set the following options:

Generate Debugging Info. If checked, the compiler generates line numbers and source files information. This is the -g option in javac. If unchecked, no debugging information is generated (the -g:none option in javac).

Compile with Optimization. If checked, the compiled application is optimized for execution. This is the -O option in javac. Optimizing can slow down compilation, produce larger class files, and make the program difficult to debug.

Report Uses of Deprecated APIs. If checked, the compiler lists each use or override of a deprecated member or class. This is the -deprecated option in javac. If unchecked, the compiler shows only the names of source files that use or override deprecated members or classes.

Encoding. Overrides default encoding used by preprocessor and compiler. The default value is the default encoding used by your VM.