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Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit Version 3.0, Mac OS

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CLDC Emulation on a Windows Mobile Device

CLDC Emulator Installation for a Device Running Windows Mobile

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Installing CLDC Emulation on a Windows Mobile Emulator (Windows Only)

On-device Debugging

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JSR Support

JSR 75: PDA Optional Packages

JSR 82: Bluetooth and OBEX Support

JSR 135: Mobile Media API Support

JSR 172: Web Services Support

JSR 177: Smart Card Security (SATSA)

JSR 179: Location API Support

JSR 180: SIP Communications

JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics

JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA) Support

JSR 211: Content Handler API (CHAPI)

JSR 226: Scalable 2D Vector Graphics

JSR 229: Payment API Support

JSR 238: Mobile Internationalization API (MIA)

JSR 256: Mobile Sensor API Support


CLDC Emulator Installation for a Device Running Windows Mobile

This shows describes a sample installation using the Windows platform and Microsoft ActiveSync. This procedure can be adapted for Mac OS; download device synchronization software for Mac OS, and use it in place of ActiveSync.

  1. Connect the device to your host computer and register it with ActiveSync. If you are using Mac OS, use an alternate tool.
  2. Make a copy of the Sun Java CLDC Emulation Installation CAB file.
    1. Navigate to JavaMESdkHome/on-device/winmobile-arm.
    2. Copy sun-java-cldc-emu.cab.
  3. Paste the CAB file into the device root directory.
    1. In Windows Explorer, open Mobile Device.
      Open mobile device
    2. Open My Windows Mobile-Based Device.
      Open mobile-based device
    3. Open the Edit menu.
      Open mobile edit menu
    4. Click Paste to insert the CAB file.
  4. Run the File Explorer on your device.
    1. Open the Start menu.
    2. Click Programs.
      Open Start then click Programs
    3. Click File Explorer.
      Click File Explorer
  5. Start the CAB installation on the device.
    1. Open the Show menu.
    2. Select My Device.
      Select My Device
    3. Click on the sun-java-cldc-emu.cab file.
  6. If asked during the installation, install the application on the device.
  7. Wait for the installation to finish.
  8. You can delete the CAB file after the installation is complete.
    1. Press on sun-java-cldc-emu.cab label until the context menu opens.
    2. Click Delete.
      Delete CAB
  9. Run the Sun Java CLDC Emulation on the device.
    1. Open Start menu.
    2. Click Programs.
      Select Programs
    3. Click Sun Java CLDC EMU.
      Select Sun Java CLDC Emu
  10. Wait for the Sun Java CLDC Emulation to start.
    Wait for Sun Java CLDC Emulation to begin
  11. Confirm the connection to the device.


    Allow up to 30 seconds (the default value) for Java ME SDK to recognize the connected device and the Sun Java CLDC emulation software.

    Mac OS:

    To add the device, see Adding Devices With the Device Wizard (Mac OS). You can test the connection as described in Wireless Debugging Procedure, Step 7.

    The Detected Device

    When the device is recognized a new device with the name, CldcWinceEmunumber (for example, CldcWinceEmu1) should appear in the Device Selector window, and the output from the command emulator.exe -Xquery should also be displayed.

    You can select this device as a target device in the user interface. If you run the emulator from the command line it can be used as an argument. For example:

    emulator -Xdevice:CldcWinceEmu1 ...

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