Oracle Java SE Embedded: Developer's Guide

B Developing Embedded Applications in NetBeans IDE

Learn how to use NetBeans IDE to profile, run, and debug your embedded applications on both host and target.

This appendix contains the following topics:

Oracle Java SE Embedded Support in NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE offers support for Oracle Java SE Embedded in the following ways.

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Remote Debugging

You can remotely debug an application with NetBeans IDE, provided that the target's JRE was created with the --debug option and the client or server JVM. Examine the target JRE's bom file to see the JRE's configuration. For information about the --debug option of jrecreate and the bom file, see jrecreate Options.

Start the application in debug mode on the target (see Launch the Application with the java Launcher Tool for an example). With the application waiting for a remote connection, in the NetBeans IDE on your host, choose Debug and then Attach Debugger. Fill in the Attach Debugger dialog fields similar to those in Figure B-1, substituting the target's IP address and the port you specified when you launched the application.

Figure B-1 Example Attach Debugger Dialog

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Oracle Java SE Embedded: Developer's Guide

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