Oracle Java SE Embedded: Developer's Guide


Oracle Java SE Embedded is a customizable Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plus tools. It can be used as the foundation of a wide range of embedded applications.

About This Guide

This guide is a consolidation of three guides that were available for Oracle Java SE Embedded Release 8: a Concepts Guide, a Platform Developer's Guide, and an Application Developer's Guide. Rather than having separate guides, the information is now available in a single guide. This should enhance the ability to find information related to any aspect of Oracle Java SE Embedded:

  • Part I, "Quick Start"

    Shows both platform and application developers how to get up and running quickly, plus a basic overview of Oracle Java SE Embedded technology.

  • Part II, "Platform Development"

    Describes how to choose the minimum Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and compact profile for the embedded device and how to create the JVM with the jrecreate tool.

  • Part III, "Embedded Application Development"

    Presents information to assist with both headless and headful application development.


Refer to the portions of the guide that pertain to your role as a platform developer or application developer.

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Oracle Java SE Embedded: Developer's Guide

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