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What's New in This Guide

Part I Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite

1 Introduction to Building Applications with Oracle SOA Suite

2 Getting Started with Developing SOA Composite Applications

3 Managing Shared Data with the Design-Time MDS Repository

Part II Using the BPEL Process Service Component

4 Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager

5 Introduction to Interaction Patterns in a BPEL Process

6 Manipulating XML Data in a BPEL Process

7 Invoking a Synchronous Web Service from a BPEL Process

8 Invoking an Asynchronous Web Service from a BPEL Process

9 Using Correlation Sets and Message Aggregation

10 Using Parallel Flow in a BPEL Process

11 Using Conditional Branching in a BPEL Process

12 Using Fault Handling in a BPEL Process

13 Transaction and Fault Propagation Semantics in BPEL Processes

14 Incorporating Java and Java EE Code in a BPEL Process

15 Using Events and Timeouts in BPEL Processes

16 Coordinating Master and Detail Processes

17 Using the Notification Service

18 Using Oracle BPEL Process Manager Sensors and Analytics

Part III Using the Oracle Mediator Service Component

19 Getting Started with Oracle Mediator

20 Creating Oracle Mediator Routing Rules

21 Working with Multiple Part Messages in Oracle Mediator

22 Using Oracle Mediator Error Handling

23 Resequencing in Oracle Mediator

24 Understanding Message Exchange Patterns of an Oracle Mediator

Part IV Using the Business Rules Service Component

25 Getting Started with Oracle Business Rules

26 Using Declarative Components and Task Flows

Part V Using the Human Workflow Service Component

27 Getting Started with Human Workflow

28 Creating Human Tasks

29 Configuring Human Tasks

30 Designing Task Forms for Human Tasks

31 Human Workflow Tutorial

32 Using Oracle BPM Worklist

33 Building a Custom Worklist Client

34 Introduction to Human Workflow Services

Part VI Using Binding Components

35 Getting Started with Binding Components

36 Integrating REST Operations in SOA Composite Applications

37 Integrating Enterprise JavaBeans with Composite Applications

38 Using Direct Binding to Invoke Composite Services

Part VII Sharing Functionality Across Service Components

39 Oracle SOA Suite Templates and Reusable Subprocesses

40 Creating Transformations with the XSLT Map Editor

41 Creating Transformations with the XQuery Mapper

42 Using Business Events and the Event Delivery Network

43 Working with Cross References

44 Working with Domain Value Maps

45 Using Oracle SOA Composer with Domain Value Maps

Part VIII Completing Your Application

46 Enabling Security with Policies and Message Encryption

47 Deploying SOA Composite Applications

48 Using the Oracle SOA Suite Development Maven Plug-In

49 Debugging and Auditing SOA Composite Applications

50 Automating Testing of SOA Composite Applications

Part IX Advanced Topics

51 Managing Large Documents and Large Numbers of Instances

52 Customizing SOA Composite Applications

53 Defining Composite Sensors

54 Creating Dynamic Business Processes

55 Integrating the Spring Framework in SOA Composite Applications

Part X Appendices

A BPEL Process Activities and Services

B XPath Extension Functions

C Deployment Descriptor Properties

D Understanding Sensor Public Views and the Sensor Actions XSD

E Propagating Normalized Message Properties Through Message Headers

F Interfaces Implemented By Rules Dictionary Editor Task Flow

G Oracle SOA Suite Configuration Properties Road Map

H Working with Large Schemas in the XSLT Editor