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Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction to Developing for Oracle WebCenter Portal

2 Setting Up a Development Environment

Part II Working with WebCenter Portal Assets

3 Introduction to WebCenter Portal Assets

4 Working with the Portal Asset Application Template

5 Developing Layouts

6 Developing Page Styles

7 Developing Page Templates

8 Developing Skins

9 Developing Visualization Templates

10 Developing Content Presenter Display Templates

Part III Working with Portlets

11 Introduction to Portlets

12 Creating Portlets from JSF Applications Using the Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge

13 Building Standards-Based Java Portlets Using JSR 286

Part IV Working with Pagelets

14 Introduction to Pagelets

15 Creating Pagelet Producer Objects

16 Working with Pagelets and Gadgets

17 Creating Custom Pagelets

18 Using Pagelets in Web Applications

19 Creating Pagelets: Examples and Advanced Topics

Part V Additional WebCenter Portal Customizations

20 Developing Shared Libraries

21 Localizing Portals

22 Extending Oracle Composer

23 Customizing WebCenter Portal Impersonation Security


A Expression Language Expressions

B WebCenter Portal Accessibility Features

C Using the WebCenter Portal REST APIs

D Troubleshooting