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What's New in This Guide

Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction to Coherence*Extend

2 Building Your First Extend Application

3 Configuring Extend Proxies

4 Configuring Extend Clients

5 Advanced Extend Configuration

6 Best Practices for Coherence*Extend

Part II Creating Java Extend Clients

Part III Creating C++ Extend Clients

7 Introduction to Coherence C++ Clients

8 Configuration and Usage for C++ Clients

9 Using the Coherence C++ Object Model

10 Using the Coherence for C++ Client API

11 Building Integration Objects (C++)

12 Querying a Cache (C++)

13 Performing Continuous Queries (C++)

14 Performing Remote Invocations (C++)

15 Using Cache Events (C++)

16 Performing Transactions (C++)

Part IV Creating .NET Extend Clients

17 Introduction to Coherence .NET Clients

18 Building Integration Objects (.NET)

19 Using the Coherence .NET Client Library

20 Performing Continuous Queries (.NET)

21 Performing Remote Invocations (.NET)

22 Performing Transactions (.NET)

23 Managing ASP.NET Session State

Part V Using Coherence REST

24 Introduction to Coherence REST

25 Building Your First Coherence REST Application

26 Performing Grid Operations with REST

27 Deploying Coherence REST

28 Modifying the Default REST Implementation

A REST Configuration Elements

B Integrating with F5 BIG-IP LTM