1 Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management Upgrade

Learn how the upgrade to Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c is performed. The procedures explain how to upgrade a production version of Oracle SOA Suite 11g or a previous 12c release, including the Oracle Fusion Middleware component configurations in that domain, to this release.

1.1 Understanding the Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management Upgrade to 12c (

When upgrading your existing SOA Suite 11g or 12c environment to SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c (, you should understand how your pre-upgrade environment will be affected by the upgrade. For example, schemas and domain directory upgrades are performed "in place" which updates the existing 11g files during the upgrade. The 12c ( Oracle Home binaries are upgraded "out of place" as the binaries are installed in a new directory.

The upgrade to 12c ( includes the midtier and the schemas. You cannot perform a midtier-only or schema-only upgrade.

The list below describes how the upgrade is performed for the following Infrastructure and SOA Suite components:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server, JRF and SOA Oracle Home Binaries - Upgraded Out of Place

    You will install the Oracle Infrastructure 12c ( (which includes WebLogic Server and JRF) and SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c ( distribution binaries in a new Oracle home. The upgrade of binaries is considered "out of place" as the 11g binaries are not overwritten.

  • Schemas - Upgraded In Place

    The 11g schemas are upgraded to 12c "in place" which means that the Upgrade Assistant updates and overwrites the schemas during the upgrade process. The servers must be down during this process.

  • Instances - Migrated during the schema upgrade

    The upgrade of active and closed instances from 11g to 12c happens automatically as part of the schema upgrade. You can manage the upgrade using administration scripts.

  • Domain Directory Reconfiguration - Upgraded In Place

    The existing SOA domain is upgraded "in place". During the upgrade you will provide the location of the 11g SOA domain and the 11g domain will be reconfigured to point to the new SOA 12c ( home directory.

  • Domain Component Configuration - Upgraded In Place

    After the reconfiguration of the 11g SOA domain, the Upgrade Assistant is used again to upgrade any remaining domain component configurations that require an upgrade in the new SOA 12c ( home directory.


Oracle recommends that you perform your domain upgrades in place. However, if an out-of-place domain upgrade is required, see "Performing an Out-of-Place Domain Directory Upgrade".

1.2 Understanding the Starting Points for a SOA Suite 12c ( Upgrade

You can upgrade to Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c ( from the following production starting points:

  • SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c (12.1.3) and 12c (

  • SOA Suite 11g (,


    If you are running SOA 11g ( or earlier, you must first upgrade to SOA 11g ( or before you can upgrade. For more information, see Oracle® Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle SOA Suite, WebCenter Portal, and ADF in the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g ( upgrade documentation library.

1.3 Understanding the Interoperability and Compatibility Restrictions Before You Upgrade

Before you begin the upgrade process from SOA Suite and BPM 11g to 12c, you must read and understand how all of the components within your 11g domain will be impacted by the upgrade. Understanding Interoperability and Compatibility provides a detailed matrix of which components can and cannot be upgraded together. In general, you cannot upgrade a domain that contains components that are not yet available in Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( There are other restrictions on the components that can be upgraded to 12c ( and you need to be sure that you have reviewed this information carefully before you proceed with the upgrade.

See Also:Understanding SOA Domain Upgrade Restrictions

1.4 Understanding SOA Domain Upgrade Restrictions

Some domains cannot be upgraded to 12c ( because of known limitations and configuration changes from previous Fusion Middleware releases. Review the following to ensure your domains are not impacted by these restrictions. Domains that are impacted by these restrictions cannot be upgraded.


The following list describes the known SOA domain upgrade restrictions.
  • Domains that include SOA Core Extension cannot be upgraded in–place to

    If your pre-upgrade environment contains SOA Core Extension, then you cannot upgrade to this release of Oracle Fusion Middleware. An upgrade of SOA Core Extension is not supported in 12c ( If you want to include SOA Core Extension in your domain, you will have to manually migrate the files. Contact Oracle Support for more information.

  • Domains that include the Cloud Adapters Pack should not be upgraded to

    If your pre-upgrade domain includes the Cloud Adapters Pack, you cannot upgrade to

  • Domains that include Oracle Enterprise Repository cannot be upgraded to

    If your pre-upgrade domain includes Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER), you cannot upgrade to

1.5 Understanding the Standard SOA Upgrade Topologies

This upgrade documentation provides detailed instructions for upgrading two typical SOA Suite configurations. These topologies are referred to as the Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c standard upgrade topologies. Specifically, for the purposes of this guide, a standard installation topology consists of a WebLogic Server domain that contains an Administration Server and a cluster containing two Managed Servers or a standalone domain.

A standalone domain is a container for system components, such as Oracle HTTP Server. It has a directory structure similar to an Oracle WebLogic Server domain, but it does not contain an Administration Server or Managed Servers. It can contain one or more instances of system components of the same type, such as Oracle HTTP Server, or a mix of system component types. For more information on the standalone topology, see What Is a Standalone Domain?

Your actual topology may vary, but the topologies described in this guide provide an example that can be used as a guide to upgrade similar SOA Suite component topologies.

For more information on setting up the 12c SOA Suite topologies, see:

1.6 Understanding How to Use this Guide for Your Upgrade

There are different upgrade paths depending on what is in your pre-upgrade environment. This guide covers all of the supported upgrade paths, so it is important that you understand which procedures to follow.

The following table describes the procedures you will use based on your pre-upgrade environment. If your pre-upgrade environment includes other Oracle Fusion Middleware components, such as OracleWebCenter, you must refer to the component-specific upgrade guide for more information. For a complete list of upgrade guides available for this release, see Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Upgrade Documentation .

If your pre-upgrade environment includes... Refer to these upgrade procedures:
Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management (BPM) 11g Upgrading to SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c (
Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management (BPM) 12c Upgrading Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management from a Previous 12c Release
Clustered SOA and BPM Environment Upgrading a Clustered SOA Environment
Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) 11g Upgrading from Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring 11g to 12c
Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) 12c Upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) 12c ( from a Previous 12c Release
Domain with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring 11g Only You cannot upgrade a BAM-only domain, but you can Import/Export BAM objects to 12c.

Exporting All Oracle BAM 11g Artifacts from the Existing Domain

Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g with SOA Suite Upgrading Oracle Service Bus
Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g without SOA Suite Upgrading an OSB Domain (Without SOA)
Oracle User Messaging Service 11g or 12c Performing Pre-Upgrade Tasks for User Messaging Service (UMS)
SOA Domain with AIAFP 11g or SOA Core Extension 12c Not Supported — You must uninstall AIAFP 11g or SOA Core Extension to upgrade.