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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Plug-In for Oracle Hardware User's Guide
Release 2.4 for Linux x86-64

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Understanding Oracle Hardware System Alerts

This section provides an overview of the alerts that Oracle Hardware System targets can generate when they are being monitored in Oracle Enterprise Manager. The section contains the following:

Default Oracle Hardware System Alerts

The default metrics that trigger an alert are as follows:

For more information on these metrics, see Metrics Available for Oracle Hardware System Targets.

Alerts are generated if any of the following conditions are met:

A critical alert is also generated when the Health Status metric has a value of Down indicating that there is a problem communicating with the Oracle ILOM service processor on the Oracle Hardware System target.

User Definable Alerts

In addition to the default set of defined alerts, you can define additional alerts for the following rules:

You enable alerts for these metrics from the target home page of an Oracle Hardware System. For more information, see Oracle Hardware System Target Home Page.

Defining Alerts for an Oracle Hardware System Target

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Hardware System target home page.
  2. In the Related Links section of the Oracle Hardware System target home page, select Metric and Collection Settings.
  3. In the View combo box, select the All Metrics option.

    A list of all metrics enabled for alert generation opens.

  4. In the list of metrics enabled for alert generation, define the Warning and Critical thresholds for the metrics you want to generate an alert.
  5. When you have defined the alerts you want this Oracle Hardware System target to generate, click OK to save your alert definition.