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Concurrent Processes

The following concurrent processes are associated with Oracle Service:

You can initiate these processes manually or set them to run at predefined times using the Submit Requests window.

Service Interface, Update Shipping Information, and AutoCreate Installed Base work together to create and update installed base records from transactions in Oracle Order Entry/Shipping. These should be scheduled to run as often as you need to keep the installed base in sync with new sales orders and shipments.

Terminate Service is used with the Receivables Interface concurrent program as you terminate active service programs. It passes service programs credit amounts to the Receivables Interface to create credit memos. You should schedule this program to run periodically, based on the frequency of terminations and credits.

Order Entry/Shipping's RMA Interface works with the Depot Repair Control program to create repair information in Oracle Service as you receive products returned for repair. Depot Repair Control also updates repair information at various stages in the life cycle of each repair and continues to do so until the product ships back to the customer. This program has an optional date range parameter that specifies the period during which products have been received in inventory. Specifying a date range directs the program to create repair information only for products received during that period. If you do not specify any parameters, Depot Repair Control creates repair information for all products for which a receipt transaction has been entered in Oracle Inventory since the last time the program was invoked without parameters. Specifying date range parameters is useful in times when repair information for some products is not created. This can happen under rare circumstances, such as when the RMA Interface cannot update a record locked by another user in Order Entry/Shipping. You should schedule this program to run periodically without any parameters; only run it manually with parameters in case of rare circumstances like the one mentioned above.

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