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Defining Your Chart of Accounts

Before you begin setting up your chart of accounts, consider your organizational structure and the dimensions of your business. By carefully evaluating your business needs, you can design your chart of accounts to take advantage of General Ledger's flexible tools for recording and reporting your accounting information.

Suggestion: Read about planning and setting up summary accounts before you set up your chart of accounts. See: Planning Your Summary Accounts.

   To set up your chart of accounts:

See: Defining Value Sets

Suggestion: Plan your account segment order carefully. Once you freeze your account structure, it is difficult to change the segment order without causing problems in other areas.

See: Designing Your Accounting Flexfield

Note: If you plan to use General Ledger for basic project tracking, define a project segment. See: Project Tracking in General Ledger.

See: Defining Rollup Groups

See: Defining Segment Values

See: Defining Security Rules

See: Defining Your Cross-Validation Rules

See: Defining Descriptive Flexfields for General Ledger

See: Defining Shorthand Aliases

See: Defining Summary Accounts

See: Defining Accounts

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