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Oracle Projects Reports and Listings

Submitting Requests

Implementation Listings

Agreement Types Listing

AutoAccounting Functions Listing

AutoAccounting Lookup Sets Listing

AutoAccounting Rule Definitions Listing

AutoAccounting Segment Rule Pairings Listing

Class Categories and Codes Listing

Compensation Rules Listing

Credit Types Listing

Employee Assignments Listing and Employee Assignments by Organization Listing

Event Types Listing

Expenditure Cost Rates Listing

Implementation Options Listing

Invoice Formats Listing

Job Listing

Labor Cost Multipliers Listing

Labor Cost Rates Listing and Labor Cost Rates By Organization

Non-Labor Resources by Organization Listing

Organization Hierarchy Listing

Organization Listing

Project Accounting Lookups Listing

Project Accounting Periods Listing

Project Contact Types Listing

Project Customer Relationships Listing

Project Role Types Listing

Project Statuses Listing

Project Types Listing

Revenue Categories Listing

Service Types Listing

Standard Bill Rate Schedules Listing

Transaction Sources Listing

Units Definition Listing

Project Entry Reports

Project Configuration

Task Details

Work Breakdown Structure

Transaction Entry Reports

Expenditure Batch Status

Expense Report Entry

Missing Timecards

Pre-Approved Expenditures Entry Audit

Timecard Entry

Project Expenditures Reports

Expenditures Detail and Summary Reports

Project Expenditure Adjustment Activity

Transfer Activity Report

Project Status Reports

Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Resources (Project Level)

Task - Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Resources

Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Work Breakdown Structure

Employee Activity Report

Employee Activity by Organization

Billing Review Reports

Invoice Review

Unbilled Receivables Aging

Agreement Status by Customer

Billing Process Flow Reports

Invoice Flow Detail and Invoice Flow Summary

Potential Revenue Summary

Project Billing Status

Revenue Flow Detail

Interface Audit Reports

GL Cost Interface Audit

GL Revenue Interface Audit

Project Subledger Reports

Project Subledger Summary

Project Subledger Detail by Project

Project Subledger Detail by Expenditure Type

Period Close Exception Reports

Transaction Exception Details

Transaction Exception Summary

Summarization Period Exceptions Report

Summarization Period Exceptions

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