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Tracking People's Roles and Activities

Table 1 - 8 lists the windows you can use to track the roles and activities of employees and applicants. These windows are described in context in other topics, as listed in the table.

You can also use the web-based Line Manager Direct Access to enter some information, such as assessments and appraisals, and to view a wide range of employee data, including employment history, roles (who they manage, supervise etc.) and absence history.

See: Web and Workflow Access

Window Used For See
Assignment describing the work role of an employee The Employee Assignment
Application describing the vacancy for which an applicant has applied Entering Full Application Information
Absence Detail recording an employee's absence from work Entering Absences
Book Events recording that an employee or applicant will attend an event. The event must be already defined in the Event Bookings window. Managing Bookings and Attendance
Employee Review scheduling and recording details of an employee's review or other interview type Employee Reviews
Applicant Interview scheduling and recording details of an applicant's interviews Interviewing Applicants


You can enter other work-related information for employees, such as salary and payment methods, after entering the employee's assignment.

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