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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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List of Figures

2-1 Oracle Universal Installer Select Installation Method Window
3-1 Database Home Page Navigational Property Pages
3-2 Database Home Page Drill Down Links
3-3 Database Home Page Related Links
3-4 Database Home Page
5-1 Shutdown/Startup Button on Database Home Page
5-2 Database Administration Page
6-1 Storage Options
6-2 Home Page Space Summary
6-3 Segment Advisor Recommendations
6-4 Segment Advisor Recommendation Details
6-5 Undo Management page
6-6 Undo Advisor with Fixed-Sized Tablespace
7-1 Users & Privileges
7-2 Users Page
7-3 Create User General Page
8-1 Database Objects Links
8-2 Search Section for Database Object Pages
8-3 Tables Property Page
8-4 View Data for Table Page
8-5 Create Table Page
8-7 Programs Section
9-1 Schedule Backup Page
9-2 Perform Recovery Page
9-3 Manage Current Backups Page
9-4 Backup Reports Page
10-1 Enterprise Manager Home Page
10-2 Performance Analysis on Home Page
10-3 All Metrics Page
10-4 Alerts Section of Enterprise Manager Home Page
10-5 Edit Thresholds Page
10-6 Performance Analysis
10-7 Run ADDM Page
10-8 SGA Size Advice
11-1 General Section of Database Home Page
11-2 View All Properties Page
11-3 Oracle Home Page
11-4 Patching Setup Page
11-5 Patch: Select Patch page