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JDBC is an API for database connectivity between the Java platform and a wide range of data sources. The JDBC topics presented here explain how to use the BEA WebLogic Enterprise (WLE) JDBC drivers, and how to implement JDBC connection pooling to maximize the efficiency of database connections in WebLogic Enterprise EJB and WebLogic Enterprise CORBA Java applications.


All JDBC Topics

Contains a comprehensive, hyperlinked list of JDBC topics.

Using the WebLogic Enterprise
    JDBC/XA Drivers

Describes the WebLogic Enterprise JDBC/XA driver, which you can use to make local or distributed connections to Oracle 8i (version 8.1.5) databases.

Using JDBC Connection Pooling

Opening and closing JDBC connections are expensive operations. Creating a pool of JDBC connections gives WebLogic Enterprise applications ready access to connections that are already open. It removes the overhead of opening a new connection for each database user. This topic shows you how.

Using the jdbcKona Drivers

Covers general guidelines for using the jdbcKona drivers, including a summary of the steps you take to use a jdbcKona driver in a WebLogic Enterprise Java application.

Using the jdbcKona/Oracle Drivers

Provides guidelines for using the jdbcKona/Oracle Type 2 driver.

jdbcKona Extensions to the JDBC 1.22 API

Describes the jdbcKona extensions to the JDBC API.

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Transactions in EJB Applications

Transactions and the WebLogic Enterprise JDBC/XA Driver

CORBA C++ XA Sample Application

Administering Transactions

Javadoc for the java.sql API

The JDBC 2.0 package; links to the external Sun Microsystems, Inc. Web site.

Javadoc for the javax.sql API

Links to the external Sun Microsystems, Inc. Web site.

Using the SPI
    Implementations for JNDI

Uses the WebLogic Enterprise Service Provider Interface (SPI) implementations for JNDI.