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action parameters, definition of   1

ActionAgent parameter   1

ActionInterval parameter   1


creating for workflow policy   1

working with for workflow policies   1

Actions applet

field descriptions, Actions view   1

applet fields

WF Process Props applet   1

WF Step Recipients applet   1

WF Steps applet   1


action parameters for policies   1

Create Email Activity program   1

creating SQL statements for workflow policy program   1

Database Operation program   1

Run External program   1

Send Email program   1

Send Message Broadcast program   1

Send Page program   1

workflow policy program, example of creating   1

Assign Non-Respondents policy, creating   1

Assign to Campaign Email action   1

Assign to Campaign program   1

Assignment Request, Workflow Policy program   1

asynchronous server request   1

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Batch field for workflow policies   1

batch manager

usage with primary and non-primary business components   1

batch mode

BatchMode parameter   1

running a workflow process   1


Decision step, defining   1

User Interact next step branches, defining   1

business object

defining primary business components for   1

business process

gathering information on   1

business service

using in a workflow process   1

Business Service step

about   1

defining   1

business service, predefined

asynchronous server request   1

Outbound Communications Manager   1

synchronous server request   1

Workflow Utilities, arguments   1

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calculated fields, updating   1


Create Email Activity program   1

marketing campaigns, scenario with Workflow policies   1

CheckLogCacheSz parameter   1

Comparison   1

comparison operations

condition criteria   1

comparison values

entering date calculations   1

specialized   1

standard   1

Compose Condition Criteria dialog box

field descriptions   1

Conditions applet

using specialized comparisons   1

using standard comparisons   1

Configuring   1


defining for Decision branch   1

defining for User Interact next step branches   1

diagramming a workflow process   1

point in connector, removing or adding   1

Create Email Activity

about and arguments   1

creating   1

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specialized comparisons   1

triggers, creating   1

Workflow Policies database tables   1

Database Operation, Workflow Policy program about   1

date calculations, comparison values   1

Decision step

about working with   1

branches, defining   1

default SQL statements   1

Defining   1

defining a workflow process

example of   1

DeleteSize parameter   1


workflow process instance   1

deploying a workflow process   1

example of   1

on a regional node   1

to a mobile client   1

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creating Workflow policy for   1

Email for CD-ROM Campaign policy, creating   1

Email Manager

setting up on Siebel Server   1

troubleshooting   1

End step

about   1

defining   1

error handling

about   1

assigning an error-workflow process to a sub process   1

defining an error-workflow process   1

passing properties and property sets to an error-workflow process   1

using exceptions   1


assigning an error-workflow process to a sub process   1

defining an error exception to handle errors   1

defining an error-workflow process   1

handling   1

passing properties and property sets to an error-workflow process   1


configuring a long-running workflow to wait for user events   1

generating user events   1

handling   1

using run-time events   1

using user events   1

Workflow User Event business service   1

events handling   1

suspended interactive workflow   1

user logout event   1

events, tracing and logging   1


defining a workflow process   1

deploying a workflow process   1

External Program, Workflow Policy program about   1

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See Collecting Information About System Behavior and Server Component Behavior

field descriptions

Compose Condition Criteria dialog box   1

input arguments for Business Service steps, Sub Process steps, and Wait steps   1

output arguments for Business Service steps, Sub Process steps, and Siebel Operation steps   1

WF Process Props applet   1

WF Step Recipients applet   1

WF Steps applet   1

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Generate Trigger (GenTrig)

functions of   1

tips for running   1

Generic Request Server, Workflow Policy program   1

GenReqRetry parameter   1

global implementation of Workflow   1

GroupName parameter   1


creating for workflow policy   1

planning policy groups   1

working with for workflow policies   1


automation solutions, comparing   1 ,  2

branching, defining   1

Business Integration Manager, using   1

conditions and actions, configuring   1 ,  2

declarative or scripting techniques, choosing between   1

errors, setting Ignore Errors to handle   1

recovery, techniques for   1

run-time events, configuring   1

S_ESCL_REQ, using database tools with   1

SQL, using   1

Stop step, using the   1

sub process, passing the Object Id to   1

synchronous and asynchronous processing, configuring   1

triggers, creating   1

Type property, configuring the   1

workflow processes, activating   1

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IgnoreError parameter   1

input arguments

defining for Subprocess step   1

field descriptions for Business Service steps, Sub Process steps, and Wait steps   1


verifying workflow policies   1

interactive workflow process

building   1

forward and backward navigation   1

Object Id   1

suspending and resuming, about   1

suspension, events handling   1

suspension, in-memory cache   1

suspension, user logout event   1

synthetic event, creating   1

synthetic event, creating Next and Back synthetic events   1

synthetic event, creating ResumeLastIntFlow synthetic event   1

synthetic event, creating SaveWorkflow synthetic event   1

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KeepLogDays parameter   1

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LastUsrCacheSz parameter   1

license key validation   1

logging events, table of   1

long-running workflow process

assigning sub process to end user   1

building   1

Object Id   1

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MailServer parameter   1

MailTo parameter   1

marketing campaigns, scenario with Workflow policies   1


production environment, workflow policies to   1

multilingual environments

configuring a workflow process   1

defining expressions for a workflow process   1

multi-value group

updating a field that references a   1


updating a field that references a   1

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naming conventions

for a workflow process   1 ,  2

for process properties   1 ,  2

NumRetries parameter   1

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Object Explorer

workflow policy object, defining   1

Object Id

in long-running, interactive, and service workflow processes   1

object properties

described   1

object type

definition in relation to Siebel Tools   1

workflow policy objects, modifying   1

Outbound Communications Manager

available methods, described   1

output arguments

field descriptions for Business Service steps, Sub Process steps, and Siebel Operation steps   1

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Page Manager

parameters for   1

setting up   1

troubleshooting   1

palette items in Process Designer   1

parallel processing, Workflow processes, supported by   1


enabling, setting   1


workflow policies, determining what to monitor   1

workflow policies, planning policies and conditions   1

workflow policy groups   1


creating actions for   1

creating groups for   1

monitoring   1

planning policies and conditions   1

Policies applet

described, Workflow Policies Groups view   1

policy action

See Structure of a Workflow Policy

creating   1

working with   1

policy condition

role in workflow policies   1

policy groups

creating   1

planning, about and reasons for using   1

predefined programs

assigning manager as owner   1

Run External Program   1 ,  2

Send Quote Page   1

table of   1

workflow action, using a predefined program to create   1

workflow policy programs   1

Process Designer

design functions   1

diagramming a process   1

palette items   1

process properties   1

comparing with property sets   1

concatenating   1

defining   1

naming conventions   1 ,  2

passing field values to example   1

workflow processes, about passing to   1

Process Simulator

running   1

testing a workflow process   1 ,  2

workflow process, using to start   1

process steps

Business Service step, about   1

Business Service step, defining   1

Decision step, about working with   1

End step, about   1

End step, defining   1

Siebel Operation step, about   1

Siebel Operation step, defining   1

Siebel Operation step, defining search specification, examples   1

Siebel Operation step, defining search specifications   1

Start step, about   1

Stop step, about   1

Subprocess step, about   1

Subprocess step, defining   1

Subprocess step, defining input arguments   1

testing with Process Simulator, about   1

User Interact step, about   1

User Interact step, defining   1

Wait step, about   1

Wait step, defining   1

production environment, migrating to   1


workflow policy action types   1


tasks   1

property sets

comparing with process properties   1

passing to a workflow process   1

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recipient types, table of   1


workflow process, about   1

workflow process, automatic   1


workflow step and connector properties   1

ReloadPolicy parameter   1

repository setting, verifying   1

Requests parameter   1

Run External

workflow policy program, creating action   1

workflow policy program. about and example and arguments   1

run-time events   1

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S_ESCL_ACTION table   1

S_ESCL_ACTN_REQ table   1

S_ESCL_LOG table   1

S_ESCL_REQ table   1

S_ESCL_STATE table   1


See Collecting Timing Data

seeded workflow processes   1

Send Campaign Email, using   1

Send Email

creating for Workflow policy   1

Send Message

Workflow Policy program   1

Send Page

Send Page Program Type, about and arguments   1

Workflow Policy program about   1

Send Quote Page, using and SQL statement examples   1

Send to Relative recipient type, about sending email or page   1

server requests, submit request arguments   1 ,  2

service requests

assigning manager as owner   1

service workflow process

Object Id   1

Siebel administrators

deleting a workflow process instance   1

Siebel Application Response Management   1

Siebel ARM

See Siebel Application Response Management  See Collecting Timing Data

Siebel FDR files

See Siebel Flight Data Recorder files  See Collecting Information About System Behavior and Server Component Behavior

Siebel Flight Data Recorder files   1

Siebel Operation step

about   1

defining   1

defining search specification, examples   1

defining search specifications   1

updating fields that reference multi-value groups   1

Siebel Server

Email Manager, setting up   1

setting up for Page Manager   1

task trace file, created for listed processes   1

Siebel Tools

customizing Workflow Policies   1

Workflow Processes and   1

Sleep Time parameter   1

specialized comparisons, descriptions   1


SQL script file   1

statements, created for workflow policy program arguments   1

statements, types of   1

Start step

about   1

defining a start step   1

starting a workflow process

about   1

as a configured business service   1

from a script   1

starting of a workflow process

from a run-time event   1

from a Workflow policy   1

Stop step

about   1

Sub Process step

assigning to end user for a long-running workflow process   1

Subprocess step

about   1

defining   1

defining input arguments   1

synchronous server request   1

synthetic event

creating   1

creating Next and Back events   1

creating ResumeLastIntFlow event   1

creating SaveWorkflow event   1

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properties   1


workflow process, Process Simulator   1

testing workflow policies   1

trace file

Siebel Server task trace file, created for listed processes   1


and logging events   1

workflow process, increasing tracing levels   1

workflow process, log levels   1

Traversing a record set technique

definition of   1

example   1


database triggers, creating   1

Generate Trigger (Gen Trig), functions   1

Generate Trigger (Gen Trig), tips of running   1


Email and Page Manager   1

notes on   1

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Upsert Operation, definition of   1

user events

configuring a long-running workflow to wait   1

using   1

Workflow User Event business service   1

User Interact step

about   1

branches, defining   1

creating substitute view names   1

defining   1

user, workflow role described   1

User, workflow role, described   1

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Validate Tool

using for a workflow process   1


described   1

Message Broadcast program type   1

Recipients applet fields   1

Run External program type   1

Send Email program type   1

Send Message Broadcast program type, table of   1

VerCheckTime parameter, setting   1

view names

creating substitutes using process properties   1

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Wait step

about   1

defining   1

global time calculations   1

watch window

example usage   1 ,  2

WF Process Props applet

field descriptions   1

WF Step Recipients applet

field descriptions   1

WF Steps applet

field descriptions   1

wildcards, using in standard comparisons   1


associated job roles   1 ,  2

definition   1

deployment architecture   1

development architecture   1 ,  2

global implementation   1

global implementation, configuring a workflow process in a multilingual environment   1

global implementation, defining expressions for a workflow process   1

global implementation, Wait steps and global time calculations   1

processing modes, 7.0 Flow   1

processing modes, about   1

processing modes, Interactive Flow   1

processing modes, Long Running Flow   1

processing modes, Service Flow   1

requirements   1

run-time architecture   1

Siebel Tools and   1

simulation architecture   1

starting mechanisms   1

upgrading   1

Workflow Action Agent

functions of   1

to run processes of   1

Workflow Action Arguments

applets, described   1

Workflow Actions

creating Assign to Campaign Email   1

creating Create Email Activity   1

creating Send Campaign Email   1

creating Send Email Message Program type   1

creating Send Page Program type   1

Workflow components

relationship between Workflow object and   1

Workflow Conditions applet

using specialized comparisons in   1

workflow groups

defining a workflow policy group   1

planning   1

Workflow Groups applet

about using   1

workflow job roles

user   1

Workflow Monitor Agent

parameters   1

starting   1 ,  2

Workflow objects

relationship between Workflow policy components and   1

workflow persistence

enabling, setting   1

Workflow Policies

Assign Non-Respondents policy, creating   1

conditions, table of specialized comparisons   1

created for Send Email   1

creating   1

creating a policy action   1

creating a workflow policy group   1

definition of   1

Email for CD-ROM Campaign policy, creating   1

license key validation   1

migration   1

overview   1

planning policies and conditions   1

planning, determining what to monitor   1

policy condition, about   1

production environment, migrating to   1

program types, list of   1

repository setting, viewing   1

required components   1

requirements, compared with a run-time event   1

Siebel Operation step, using different object layers, described   1

structure, about rule structure (diagram)   1

testing   1 ,  2

tracing   1

using specialized comparisons   1

using standard comparisons   1

verifying installation of   1

views, administered by and example   1

workflow policy action, parts of (diagram)   1

workflow policy group, about   1

Workflow Policies Actions view

applet, field descriptions   1

Workflow Policies Groups view

Policies applet, described   1

Workflow Groups applet   1

Workflow Policy Action

Agent   1

creating   1

definition   1 ,  2

working with   1

Workflow Policy Component Column

adding   1

associating workflow policy component column with   1

functions of   1

Workflow Policy Components

associating with Workflow policy column   1

defining   1 ,  2

described   1

Workflow Policy Condition, description of   1

Workflow Policy Duration, description of   1

Workflow Policy Groups

creating   1

definition   1

description   1

planning   1

Workflow Policy Monitor Agent   1

Workflow Policy Object

adding new   1

defined using Object Explorer   1

modifying   1

Workflow Policy Program Arguments

creating or modifying   1

Workflow Policy Programs

creating or modifying   1

described   1

predefined, table of   1

workflow process

administering   1

business services, enabling   1

defining a new workflow process   1

defining parameters   1

defining process properties   1

defining step details   1

defining steps   1

deploying as a Web service   1

deploying, about   1

deploying, on a regional node   1

deploying, to a mobile client   1

migration from development to production   1

process properties   1

process properties and property sets   1

publishing and activating   1

running in batch mode   1

running in the application object manager   1

running in the Workflow Process Manager server component   1

starting, about   1

starting, as a configured business service   1

starting, from a run-time event   1

starting, from a script   1

starting, from a Workflow policy   1

Workflow Process Manager

server component, running a workflow process   1

workflow process parameters

about defining   1

workflow process steps

about defining   1

workflow process, designing

definitions, working with   1

workflow process, general information and planning

considerations for planning   1

described   1

diagramming steps   1

gathering information for   1

modifying existing definitions   1

naming conventions   1 ,  2

overview   1

planning tips   1

process steps, about diagramming   1

requirements   1

reviewing existing definitions   1

Siebel Tools and   1

types, 7.0 Flow   1

types, about   1

types, Interactive Flow   1

types, Long Running Flow   1

types, Service Flow   1

workflow process, monitoring

about   1

deleting a workflow process instance   1

levels   1

tracing and logging events, table of   1

workflow process, testing and troubleshooting

purging workflow process instances from the log   1

recovery   1

stopping an instance   1

testing   1 ,  2

testing workflows involving server components   1

testing, running the Process Simulator   1

testing, Validate Tool   1

troubleshooting Siebel Flight Data Recorder files   1

troubleshooting, increasing tracing levels   1

troubleshooting, Siebel Application Response Management   1

troubleshooting, tracing and event log levels   1

Workflow Programs

Assign to Campaign   1

configuring predefined   1

Create Email Activity   1

Send Campaign Email, using   1

workflow recovery manager, definition of   1

Workflow User Event business service

generating user events   1

Workflow Utilities, arguments   1

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