Oracle Order Management User's Guide


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Order Capture

Sales Orders Workbench
Overview of Sales Orders
Sales Orders Customization
Sales Orders Tools Menu
Defining Sales Order Main and Other Header Information
Defining Sales Order Line Addresses Information
Defining Sales Order Line Item Main Information
Item Orderability
Overview of Quick Sales Orders
Integration and Features
Folder Functionality in Quick Sales Orders
Line Details Display
Overview of Transaction Types
Simple Negotiation in Oracle Order Management Overview
Quote Numbers
User Procedures
Expiration Date Overview
Expiration Date Major Features
User Procedures
Seeded Workflows Overview
Quick Code Status on the Quote Listing Page
Major Features Workflow in Quoting - Negotiation
Negotiation Phase
User Procedures
Viewing Workflow Statuses and Processes
Back-To-Back Orders
Defining Return Material Authorizations
Overview of Returns
Return Material Authorizations and Credit Orders
RMA Business Flows
Defining Sales Order Line Return Information
RMA Setup
RMA Processing
Managing RMA Exceptions
Drop Ship Return Flow
Order Import
Data Values and Options
Order Import Validations
Open Interface Tracking User Interface
Overview of High Volume Order Processing
HVOP Parameters
HVOP Processing Results
Output File
Importing High Volume Orders
Manual Booking Process
Deferred Booking Process
Fulfillment in Oracle Order Management

Sales Agreements

Overview of Sales Agreements
Sales Agreements Headers
Sales Agreements Lines
Release Lines
Transaction Types
Sales Agreement Process
Lost Agreement
Closing a Sales Agreement
Defaultable Attributes
Pricing and Releases
Sales Agreement – Windows
Create a Sales Agreement
Creating a Simple Price List
Entering Releases Against a Sales Agreement
View Sales Agreements

Items and Inventory

Inventory Interface - No Ship Order Lines
Using Item Cross Referencing in Order Management
Related Items and Manual Substitutions
Overview of Related Items and Manual Substitution
Related Item Rules
Entering a Related Item
Defining Sales Order Line Pricing Information
Automatic Item Substitution within Order Management
Override Item Description
Overview of Override Item Description
Override Item Description Procedures
Decimal Quantities
Decimal Quantities for Options of ATO Configurations
Decimal Quantities for Options of ATO Configurations Major Features
User Procedures
Catch Weights for Discrete Inventory Overview
Catch Weights for Discrete Inventory Major Features
User Procedures
Discrete Inventory Catch Weight Support
Warehouse Management (WMS)
Choosing Options Using the Oracle Configurator
Choosing Configuration Options Using the Options Window
Solution Based Modeling
Configuration Date Effectivity
Configuration Date Effectivity Major Features
User Procedures

Order Inquiry

Overview of Order Organizer
Pricing and Availability Overview
Performing Pricing and Availability
Overview of Find Customer Information
Finding Customer Information
Advanced Item Search
Advanced Item Search Major Features
User Procedures

Actions on Orders

Commitment Processing
Viewing Order and Return Information
Viewing Cycle Status and Approval History
Applying Sales Credits
Entering Sales Credits for Returns
Required Fields for Entering Returns
Applying Attachments
Order Changes
Repricing a Line
Overview of Mass Changes
Applying Mass Changes
Copying Orders
Major Features Supported by Copy Function
User Procedures
Maintain Line Number
Overview of Holds
Applying Holds
Honor Holds at Repricing
Overview of Honor Holds at Repricing
Honor Holds Procedures
Releasing Holds
Process Messages
Sales Order Cancellation
Cancelling Orders
Function Security for Orders and Returns
Close Orders

Tracking Changes through Order Actions

Versioning Overview
Versioning Major Features
User Procedures
Versioning Reasons and Comments
Order Audit Trail

Customer related Actions

Add Customers
Add Customer Window Overview
Adding Customers using the Add Customer Window
Customer Location Overview
User Procedures
Add Customer Sample Business Flows

ATP, Reservations, and Scheduling

ATP Within Order Management
ATP Inquiries
Performing ATP Checking
Overview of Override ATP
ATP Data Collections
ATO Models
PTO Models and Kits
Availability and Reservations
Reservation Enhancements Overview
Reservation Enhancements Major Features
Create Reservation Set
User Procedures
Overview of Sales Order Scheduling
Sales Order Scheduling
Scheduling Flexibility Overview
Scheduling Flexibility Major Features
User Procedures
Penalty Factor For Late Demand
Overview of Penalty Factor For Late Demand
Scheduling Across Orders
Overview of Scheduling Across Orders
Scheduling Tab, Find Orders Window
Scheduling Across Orders Major Features
Unscheduling Sales Orders


Overview of Pricing
Overview of Price Lists
Creating a Price List
Copying a Price List
Adjusting a Price List
Adding Items to a Price List
Querying Price List Lines
Overview of Formulas
Creating a Pricing Formula
Updating Formula Prices
Overview of Modifiers
Creating a Modifier List
Creating List Level Qualifiers
Creating Modifier Lines
Creating Line Level Qualifiers
Copying a Modifier Line
Overview of Archiving and Purging Pricing Entities
Attaching Pricing Attributes
Creating a GSA Price List
Creating GSA List Qualifiers
Overview of the Pricing Engine Request Viewer
Viewing Information in the Pricing Engine Request Viewer
Overview of Agreements
Creating a Pricing Agreement
Revising an Existing Agreement
Pricing Tab: Setting up Sales Agreement
Pricing an Order
Splitting Order Lines
Pricing for Service Items
Viewing Pricing Adjustments
Modifying Order Pricing in Oracle Order Management
Override the List Price
User Procedures
Pricing Special Orders
Repricing an Order/Order Line
Gross Margin Display
Overview of Gross Margin Display
Gross Margin Procedures
Price Book


Defining Sales Order Line Shipping Information
Freight Rating Procedures
Ship Method Selection
Overview of Ship Method Selection
Ship Method Selection Major Features
Ship Method Procedures
Display Choices for Freight Rating In Order Management
Display Choices for Freight Rating Major Features
User Procedures

Order Management Processes

Line (Ship or Arrival) Sets
Arrival Sets
Ship Sets
Shipment Schedules
Information Retention Across Shipments when a Line is Split:
Common attributes across shipments originating from a Line Split
Fulfillment Sets
Fulfillment With Wait
Ship Set For Each Line
Ship Set for Each Line Major Features
User Procedures
Project Task Changes for Booked Orders Overview
Project Task Changes for Booked Orders Major Features
User Procedures
Seed Data Changes
End Customer
End Customer Major Features
User Procedures
Preview and Print Sales Documents
Preview and Print Major Features
Document Formatting
User Procedures
Seed Data
Drop Shipments Overview
Drop Ship Across Ledgers and Change Management Overview
Drop Ship Across Ledgers Major Features
User Procedures
Seed Data: Constraints
Drop Shipment Processing
Change Management for Drop Ship Orders
Purchase Release
Defining Sales Order Line Services Information
Service Termination Overview
Service Termination Major Features
User Procedures
Defining Sales Order Line Project Manufacturing Information
Defining Sales Order Line Release Management Information
Required Fields for Entering Orders
Sorting Order Lines within the Sales Order window, Lines Tab
Booking a Sales Order
Exception Management
Projected Sales Revenue Reporting by Sales Group
User Procedures

Invoicing and Payments

Invoice Processing
Detailed Order Statuses for Invoicing
Multiple and Partial Payments Overview
Multiple and Partial Payments Major Features
Payment Features
Payment Processing
Business Flows
User Procedures
System Parameters
Data Requirements for AR
Retroactive Billing Overview
Retroactive Billing Major Features
Typical Retrobilling Usage
User Procedures
Seed Data
Customer Acceptance
User Procedures
Customer Acceptance/Rejection Scenarios
Credit Card Encryption
Credit Card Security Code
Partial Period Revenue Recognition

Integration with other Applications

Publishing Plan Results to Order Management Overview
User Procedures
Global Order Promising for ATO Configurations
Global Order Promising for ATO Configurations Major Features
User Procedures
Inbound Purchase Order Changes
Inbound PO Change Data Elements
Outbound Purchase Order Acknowledgements
Outbound PO Acknowledgement Data Elements
Vertex Engine-Related Updates
International Trade Management
Export Compliance Screening
Generic Export Compliance Major Features
Manual Screening and Overriding or Completing Export Compliance Screening
Export Compliance Workbench
Authoring and Negotiating Contract Terms
Authoring and Negotiating Contract Terms Major Features
Adding Clauses and Accessing Contract Terms in a Business Document
Authoring and Negotiating Contract Terms on a Sales Agreement or Quote/Sales Order
Managing Contract Documents
Add Contract Documents
Customer Acceptance
Purging Sales Orders with Terms and Conditions
Security - Contract Terms Authoring
Sales Contracts Workbench
Order Management Diagnostics
Launch Sales Orders from TeleSales
Sales Orders From TeleSales Major Features
User Procedures

Order Information

Order Information Overview
Order Information Tabs
Internal and External Users
Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
Sales Order Information
Finding a Sales Order
Viewing Sales Order Summaries
Viewing Sales Order Details
Process Item Information for Sales Orders
Finding Process Item Information for Sales Orders
Viewing Process Item Information for Sales Orders
Pricing Information
Finding Pricing Information
Viewing Pricing Details
Invoice Information
Finding Invoice Information
Viewing Invoice Summaries
Viewing Invoice Information
Delivery Information
OIP Delivery Tab Features
Referencing Documents
Finding Deliveries
Viewing Delivery Summaries
Viewing Delivery Details
Process Item Information for Delivery Details
Finding Process Item Information for Delivery Details
Viewing Process Item Information for Delivery Details
Customer Service
Submitting a Defect Report
Submitting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request

Standard Reports

Commitment Balance Report
Comprehensive Order Detail Report
Order/Invoice Detail Report
Orders by Item Report
Workflow Assignments Report
Sales Order Acknowledgement
Sales Order Workflow Status Report
Export Compliance Screening Failure Report
Export Compliance Report to Government
Credit Order Detail Report
Credit Order Discrepancy Report
Credit Order Summary Report
Credit Limit Usages Report
Credit Exposure Report
Customer Credit Snapshot Report
Orders On Credit Check Hold Report
Lines on Credit Check Hold Report
Payment Receipt
Hold Source Activity Report
Outstanding Holds Report
Sales Order and Purchase Order Discrepancy Report
Internal Order and Purchasing Requisition Discrepancy Report
Order Discount Detail Report
Order Discount Summary Report
Unbooked Orders Report
Unbooked Orders Detail Report
Cancelled Orders Report
RetroBilling Report
Returns by Reason Report
Cancelled Orders Reasons Detail Report
Agreement Activity Report
Orders Summary Report
Order/Invoice Summary Report
Salesperson Order Summary Report
Audit History Report
Defaulting Rules Listing Report
Processing Constraints Listing
Transaction Types Listing Report
Item Orderability Rules Listing Report
OE-OM Order Line Transaction Count Summary/ Comparison Reports

Windows and Navigation Paths

Order Management Windows and Navigator Paths

Seeded Formulas

Overview of Seeded Formulas

Order Status List

Order Header Statuses
Order Line Statuses

Concurrent Programs

Schedule Orders Concurrent Program
Release Expired Holds Concurrent Program
Defaulting Generator Concurrent Program
Inventory Interface No Ship Concurrent Program
Credit Check Processor Concurrent Program
Initialize Credit Summaries Table Concurrent Program
Credit Exposure Import Concurrent Program
Purge Imported Credit Exposure Concurrent Program
Process Pending Payments Concurrent Program
Message Purge Concurrent Program
Calculate Party Totals Concurrent Program
Audit History Consolidator Concurrent Program
Re-Schedule Ship Sets Concurrent Program
Reserve Orders Concurrent Program
Export Compliance Screening Concurrent Program
Diagnostics: Apps Check Concurrent Program
Diagnostics: OM Debug File Retrieval Concurrent Program
Diagnostics: OM Order Information Concurrent Program
Order Import Statistics Concurrent Program
Purge Set/ Order/Quote Purge Selection Concurrent Programs
Batch Price Concurrent Program
Purge Order Management Workflow Concurrent Program