Oracle Advanced Pricing User's Guide


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Oracle Advanced Pricing

Overview of Oracle Advanced Pricing
Pricing Security
Using Oracle Advanced Pricing in the HTML Interface
Pricing Components

Price Lists

Overview of Price Lists
Creating a Price List
Creating Price List Lines
Defining Price Breaks for a Price List Line
Defining Price Breaks with Block Pricing
Finding Price List Lines
Creating a GSA Price List
Maintaining Price Lists
Adding Items to a Price List
Adjusting Prices for a Price List
Copying a Price List
Copying a Price List Line
Oracle Advanced Pricing Home page (HTML Interface)
Using Price Lists in the HTML User Interface
Creating a Price List (HTML Interface)
Creating Price List Lines (HTML Interface)
Searching for Price Lists (HTML Interface)
Searching for Price List Lines (HTML Interface)
Updating a Price List (HTML Interface)
Updating Price List Lines (HTML Interface)
Archiving, Deleting, and Purging Price List Information
Using the Price List Maintenance feature (HTML Interface)
Searching for Price Lists and Price List Lines (HTML Interface)
Making Detail Changes across a Selected Group of Lines
Making Bulk Changes across a Selected Group of Lines


Overview of Modifiers
Modifier Concepts
Creating a Modifier List
Creating List-Level Qualifiers
Creating Modifier Lines
Using Accumulated Range Breaks
Attaching Pricing Attributes to Modifier Lines
Excluding Items from a Modifier
Creating Line-Level Qualifiers
Copying a Modifier List
Copying a Modifier Line
Using Modifiers in the HTML User Interface
Creating a Modifier List (HTML Interface)
Creating Modifier Lines (HTML Interface)
Defining Controls for Modifier Lines (HTML Interface)
Creating a Discount Modifier Line (HTML Interface)
Creating a Price Break Modifier Line (HTML Interface)
Creating a Promotional Goods Modifier Line (HTML Interface)
Creating a Surcharge Modifier Line (HTML Interface)
Searching for Modifier Lists (HTML Interface)
Updating a Modifier (HTML Interface)
Updating a Modifier Line (HTML Interface)
Redeeming Accruals
Changing Modifier Incompatibility
Archiving and Purging Modifiers
Using the Pricing Organizer
Finding Modifiers (Pricing Organizer)
Overview of Promotional Limits
Creating Limits
Viewing Limit Balances and Transaction Details
Updating an Existing Limit Balance
Adjusting the Limit Amount


Overview of Formulas
Creating a Pricing Formula
Finding Formula Factor Lines
Updating Formula Prices

Qualifiers and Qualifier Groups

Overview of Qualifiers
Creating Qualifiers (HTML Interface)
Updating a Qualifier (HTML Interface)
Deleting a Qualifier (HTML Interface)
Appending a Qualifier Group (HTML Interface)
Creating a Qualifier Group
Using Qualifier Grouping Numbers
Using Qualifier Grouping Numbers Across Qualifier Groups
Finding a Qualifier Group
Modifying or Deleting Qualifier Groups
Qualifier Group Effect when Merging Customers in Oracle Receivables

Multicurrency Conversion Lists

Overview of Multicurrency Conversion Lists
Creating a Multicurrency Conversion List
Example of Multicurrency Price List Usage
Updating the Multicurrency Conversion List


Overview of Creating Agreements
Creating Agreements
Revising an Existing Agreement
Finding Agreements
Deleting Agreements

Archiving and Purging Pricing Entities

Overview of Archiving and Purging Pricing Entities
Archiving Pricing Entities
Purging Pricing Entities

Pricing Engine Request Viewer

Overview of the Pricing Engine Request Viewer
Viewing Information in the Pricing Engine Request Viewer

Price Books

Overview of Price Books
Creating Price Books
Viewing Price Books
Creating Delta Price Books

Reports and Concurrent Programs

Overview of Reports and Concurrent Programs
Accrual Details Report
Attribute Mapping Rules Error Report
Build Attribute Mapping Rules Program
Build Formula Package Program
Cross Order Volume Load
Cross Order Volume Report
Modifier Details Report
Price Lists Report
Pricing Formulas Report
Purge Pricing Engine Requests Program
QP: Bulk Import of Price List Program
QP: Maintains the Denormalized Data in QP Qualifiers
QP: Pattern Upgrade
QP: Security Control with Views Conversion
Qualifier Grouping report
Update Price Lists with Multicurrency Conversion Criteria
Update Promotional Limit Balances program

Formula Scenarios

Formula Scenarios

Modifier Scenarios

Modifier Scenarios
Price Break
Other Item Discount
Promotional Goods
Coupon Issue
Item Upgrade
Terms Substitution
Freight and Special Charges
New Price

Windows and Navigation Paths

Windows and Navigation Paths