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Oracle Project Contracts User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13464-04
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Oracle Project Contracts User Guide


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Overview of Oracle Project Contracts
Features of Oracle Project Contracts


Navigating in Oracle Project Contracts
Viewing Contract Information
Using Actions to Access Contract Functions
Searching for Contract Documents
Creating and Viewing Related Documents
Defining Related Documents for a Contract

The Contract Process

Contract Process Overview
Creating New Contract Documents
Using Contract Authoring Workbench
Main Region in the Contract Header Tabbed Window
Administrative Region in the Contract Header Tabbed Window
Financial Region in the Contract Header Tabbed Window
Main Region in the Contract Lines Tabbed Window
Financial Region in the Contract Lines Tabbed Window
Billing Region in the Contract Lines Tabbed Window
Additional Billing Region in the Contract Lines Tabbed Window
Other Region in the Contract Lines Tabbed Window
Splitting Lines on a Contract Document
Parties and Contacts
Terms and Conditions
Articles Tabbed Window
Administration Tabbed Window
Standard Notes Tabbed Window
Print Forms Tabbed Window
User Attributes Tabbed Window
Creating Templates for Contract Documents
Viewing and Logging Contract Communications
Comparing Contract Versions
Calculating Contract and Line Totals
Termination Process for Contracts
Deleting Contracts
Defining Line Style
Contract Printing


Overview of the Funding Workbench
Funding Setup
Creating Funding Records
Using Funding Workbench
Multi-Currency Funding
Viewing Funding Allocation Inquiry Information
Viewing Funding History Information
Creating and Updating Fund Allocations
Creating and Viewing Funding Pools

Deliverables Tracking System

Overview of the Deliverables Tracking System
Deliverables Tracking System Window
Viewing Deliverable Tracking Information
Splitting Deliverables
Defining Dependencies
Tracking Drawing or Report Submissions
Linking Subcontracts to Deliverable Lines
Shipping Deliverables
Initiating Purchasing Documents for a Contract
Initiating Planning
Relief Deliverable Demand Concurrent Program
Defaulting Contract Changes to the Deliverables Tracking System
Integration with Government Print Forms

Change Management

Overview of Change Management
Creating New Versions of a Contract Document
Viewing Change Request Records
Creating Change Requests
Changing Contract Lines And Fields


Overview of Deliverable-Based Billing
Creating Billing Records for Deliverables
Multi-Currency Billing

Hold Management

Overview of Hold Management
Accessing and Using Hold Management Page
Applying Holds
Applying Holds to Contracts
Applying Holds to Contract Lines
Applying Holds to Deliverables
Searching for Holds
Updating Holds
Removing Holds

Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths

Setup Windows

Overview of Setup Definition Windows
Programs Window
Security Roles and Assignments Windows
Creating Data in the System Setup Window
Defining Numbering Options
Business Areas and Contract Flowdown Attributes
Projects Window