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Oracle Lease and Finance Management Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13577-05
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Oracle Lease and Finance Management Implementation Guide


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Getting Started


Oracle Lease and Finance Management Overview
Oracle Lease and Finance Management Business Flows

Implementing Oracle Lease and Finance Management

Implementation Overview

Implementation Steps Checklists
Implementation Steps in Oracle Applications
Implementation Steps Primarily in Oracle Lease and Finance Management

General Implementation Tasks

Perform System Administration Tasks
      Define Responsibilities
      Define Employees
      Define Users
      Define Lookups
      Define Profile Options
      Set Up Document Sequencing
      Set Up Concurrent Managers
Define Contract Numbering
Set Up XML Publisher

ERP Implementation Tasks

Define Assets
      Define General Asset Information
      Define Asset Depreciation
      Define Books and Asset Categories
      Set Up Assets for Like-Kind Exchange
      Define Asset Book for Multi-GAAP Reporting
Set Up General Ledger
Define Inventory
      Define Item Flexfield
      Define Item Categories Flexfield
      Define Item Catalog Groups
      Define Inventory Organizations
      Change Organizations
      Define Unit of Measure Classes
      Define Subinventories
      Define Categories
      Define Category Set
      Define Default Category Set
      Define Statuses
      Define Item Type for Insurance Products
      Define Items
      Define Remarketing Items with Web Attributes
Set Up Order Management
      Set Up Transaction Types
Set Up Oracle Receivables
      Define Line Transaction Flexfield Structure for AutoInvoice
      Define Payment Terms
      Open Accounting Periods
      Define AutoAccounting
      Define Transaction Types
      Set Up Grouping Rules for Invoices
      Define Transaction Sources
      Define Remittance Banks
      Define Receipt Classes
      Define Payment Methods
      Define Aging Buckets
      Integration with Oracle E-Business Tax
      Billing Adjustments for Lease Management
      Billing Approval Limits for Adjustments for Lease Management
      Set Up Install_At and Ship_To Addresses For Customers and Assets
      Define Receivables Lookups
Set Up Payables
      Define Payment Terms
      Define Payables Lookups
Set Up Purchasing
      Define Purchasing Lookups
      Define Suppliers
      Define Insurance Providers
      Set Up Document Sequencing of Payables Invoices
Set Up Subledger Accounting for Lease and Finance Management

CRM Implementation Tasks

Set Up Contracts
      Add Articles
      Add Additional Quality Assurance Checks
      Set Up New User-Defined Parties For Lease Contracts and Agreements
Set Up Service Contracts Counters
Set Up iStore
      Set Up Speciality Stores
Set Up Order Capture
Set Up Marketing Online
Set Up CRM Foundation
      Set Up and Configure Interaction History
      Set Up Notes
      Set Up Territories
      Set Up Resources
      Define Sales Representatives
      Define Remarketers
      Define Assignment Group
Set Up Telephony
Set Up Work Queues

Lease Management Application Implementation Tasks

Define Streams and Pricing
      Define Stream Types
      Associate Financial Products to Lease Price Modeling Software Templates
      Set Up Parameter Conversions For Third-Party Lease Price Modeling Software
      Set Up Book Type Mapping For Third-Party Lease Price Modeling Software
      Define Setups for Pricing Tools
      Set Up For Revenue Recognition on Receipt of Cash
Define Formulas
      Define Formula Functions
      Define Non-Standard Function Parameters
      Define Contexts
      Define Formula Operands
      Define Formula
Accounting Options
Define Operational Options
Define Lease Quoting Options
Associate XML Layout Templates to Lease Management Report Templates
Define Account Generator
      Define Account Generator Rules
      Define Account Generator Sources
      Account Generator Transaction Types
Define Financial Products
      Define Template Quality Name and Value
      Define Qualities Name and Values
      Define a Product Template
      Define a Product
Define Invoice Group Parameters
      Create an Invoice Group
      Specify a Default Invoice Line Type
Define Invoice Messages
Set Up Interest Rates
Set Up Usage Based Billing
Define Late Charges Parameters
      Create Late Policies
Define Cash Search and Cash Application Rules
      Define Invoice Search Rules
      Define Cash Application Rules
Define Customer Service Setups
      Define Service Fees
Define Party Contact Roles
Set Up Termination Quotes for Repossession
Define Remarketing Functionality
      Create Remarketer Assignments
      Define Repair Costs
Define Lease Income Accrual Rules
Define Loss Provision Rules
      Set up Loss Provision Rates
Define Off-Lease Asset Amortization Rules
      Define Off-Lease Asset Hold Periods
Set Up Subsidies
      Create Subsidy
      Define Subsidy Criteria
Set Up Sales Tax
Set Up Property Tax
Define Insurance
      Set up Insurance Item Type Profile Option
      Define Insurance Class Lookups
      Define Insurance Factor Lookups
      Define Insurer Ranking
      Define Insurance Products
      Define Insurance Asset Classes
      Define Insurance Rates
      Define Insurance Restrictions
      Define Insurance Tasks
      Define Parameters for Automatic Placement of Insurance Business Rules
Set Up Pricing Engine Integration for Stream Generation
      Define the Pricing Engine as a Customer in Oracle Receivables
      Define Profile Options
      Define Trading Partner and Transaction Types
      Schedule Pricing Time Out Concurrent Program
Define Workflow
      Seeded Business Events For Lease Contract Authoring
      Modify Order Management Workflow to Enable Standard Remarketing
Set Up Credit Checklists
Customizing Users' Lease Management Home Pages
Set Up Vendor Residual Sharing
Set Up Reconciliation Report Templates

Oracle iSetup for Lease and Finance Management

Oracle iSetup for Lease and Finance Management

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Options Descriptions
      Accounting Category
      Billing Category
      Collections Category
      Credit Category
      Customer Service Category
      Fulfillment Category
      Insurance Category
      Interaction History Category
      Origination Category
      Remarketing Category
      Sales Category
      Streams Category
      Technical Category
      Vendor Category
      Subledger Accounting Category

Seed Data

Stream Purposes

FND Lookup Types

About the Lookup Tables
OKL Lookup Types—A
OKL Lookup Types—B through C
OKL Lookup Types—D through H
OKL Lookup Types—I through K
OKL Lookup Types—L through P
OKL Lookup Types—Q through R
OKL Lookup Types—S
OKL Lookup Types—T through Z

Formula Engine

About the Formula Engine
Examples of Formulas
Commission Formula Example
Net Investment Value Formula Example
General Setup Steps for a Formula with Operand Functions
Write the Source PL/SQL Function To Use in a Formula

Seeded Contract Classification Parameters

Seeded Contract Classification Parameters

Seeded Business Events For Lease Contract Authoring

Seeded Business Events For Authoring Lease Contracts

Interface Tables

Interface Table for Uploading the Initial Balance