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Oracle Property Manager User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13616-04
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Oracle Property Manager User Guide


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About Oracle Property Manager
      Lease Management
      Space Management
      Workflow Automation
Using Oracle Property Manager

Managing Property

Overview of Property Management
Overview of Regions and Office Parks
Overview of Properties
      Hierarchy of Properties
Setting Up Property
      Defining an Office Park or a Region
      Defining Properties
      Defining Buildings
      Defining Floors
      Defining Offices
      Defining Land, Sections, and Parcels
      Duplicating Locations
      Window References
      Properties Window Reference
      Buildings and Land Window Reference
      Floor and Parcel Window Reference
      Office and Section Window Reference
Modifying Property Information
      Changing From and To Dates
      Changing the Location Alias

Managing Space Assignments

Overview of Space Assignment
Assigning Space to Employees and Cost Centers
Modifying Space Assignments
Deleting Employee Space Assignments
Viewing Space Assignments
Space Assignment Window Reference
Synchronizing Employee Cost Centers with Oracle Human Resources
Computer-Assisted Facilities Management

Managing Leases

Overview of Lease Administration
Understanding the Lease Abstraction Process
      Sources of Lease Information
      Lease Terms and Processes
      Lease Description
      General Lease Attributes
      Lease Statuses
      Using the Lease Ordered and Signed Lease Statuses
      Using the Month-to-Month and Holdover Lease Statuses
      Lease Elements
Abstracting Leases
      Lease Window Reference
      Entering Lease Elements
      Tabbed Regions Reference for Lease, Edit Lease, and Amend Lease Windows
      Details Tabbed Region
      Contacts Tabbed Region
      Locations Tabbed Region
      Insurance Tabbed Region
      Rights and Obligations Tabbed Region
      Options Tabbed Region
      Notes Tabbed Region
Assigning Space to Customers
Creating Milestones
      Milestone Types Overview
      Setting Up Milestones
      Lease Milestones Window Reference
Payments and Billings Overview
      The Payments and Billings Processes
      Entering Payment and Billing Terms
      Using Area Type in Term Details
      Currency Conversion for Billing and Payment Term Amounts
      Payment and Billing Schedules
      Approval Rules for Schedules
      Authorized Schedules
      Payment and Billing Line Items
      Deferring Payments and Billings
      Contracting Payment or Billing Terms
      Integrating with Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables
      Expense and Revenue Recognition Process
      Accounting for Tenants
      Accounting for Landlords
      Transferring Normalized Expense and Revenue to Oracle General Ledger
      Viewing Information in Oracle Subledger Accounting
      Subledger Drilldown View
Setting Up Payments
      Entering Payment Information
      Payments Tabbed Region Reference
      Entering Payment Term Details
      Payment Term Details Window Reference
      Pay Tabbed Region
      Accounts Distributions Tabbed Region
      Creating Payment Schedules
      Approving Payment Schedules
      Grouping Payable Invoices
      Exporting Payment Items to Oracle Payables
      Deferring Payment Items
Setting Up Billing
      Entering Billing Information
      Billings Tabbed Region
      Entering Billing Term Details
      Billing Term Details Window Reference
      Bill Tabbed Region
      Accounts Distributions Tabbed Region
      Creating Billing Schedules
      Approving Billing Schedules
      Grouping Receivable Invoices
      Exporting Billing Items to Oracle Receivables
      Deferring Billing Items
Normalizing Payments or Billings
Approving and Canceling Approval of Schedules
      Setting Exceptions
      Approval and Cancellation of Lease Schedules
Prepaying Rent Payments or Billings
      Entering Prepayments
Reviewing Leases
Modifying Leases
      Making Changes and Additions to a Lease
      Amending a Lease
      Changing the Lease Status
      Extending or Expanding Leases
      Extending Terms
      Normalizing Terms During Lease Expansion
      Contracting Leases
      Contracting Draft Leases
      Contracting Finalized Leases
      Allowing Contraction Before the Last Approved Schedule
      Disallowing Contraction Before the Last Approved Schedule
      Viewing Transactions and History
      Amend Lease Window Reference
      Editing a Lease
      Editing or Amending a Normalized Payment or Billing
Leases Windows

Calculating Rent Increases

Overview of Index Rent Increases
      Entering Index History
      Entering Rent Increases
Calculating Rent Increases
      Timing Rent Increase Events
      Date Assessed
      Index Finder Date
      Basis Start and End Dates
      Rent Increase Date Examples
      Modifying Periods
      Determining the Basis
      Example: Impact of Basis Type
      Calculating the Percentage
      Creating Rent Increase Terms
      Determining the Length of Rent Increase Terms
      Normalizing Rent Increase Terms
      Dealing with Increases over Constraints
      No Carry Forward
      Carry Forward Percentage
      Carry Forward Amount
      Calculating Rent Increase After the Assessment Date
Allocating Rent Increase
      Creating Allocated Terms
Extending and Contracting Rent Increase Agreements
      Extending Rent Increase Agreements
      Contracting Rent Increase Agreements
      Contracting Agreements When Contracting Leases
Rent Increase Window References
      Rent Increase Window Reference

Managing Variable Rent

Overview of Variable Rent
Creating Variable Rent Agreements
      Entering Agreement Details
      Variable Rent Window Reference
      Using an Agreement Template
      Variable Rent Template Window Reference
      Generating Periods
      Defining Line Items and Breakpoints
      Window Reference for the Breakpoints Tab in the Setup Window
      Defining Constraints
      Window Reference for the Constraints Tab in the Setup Window
      Constraints Window Reference
      Defining Allowances and Abatements
      Window Reference for the Allowances and Abatements Tab in the Setup Window
      Extending and Contracting Agreements
Calculating Variable Rent
      Entering Volumes
      Entering Volumes by Line Items
      Window Reference for the Volume Tab in the Line Items Window
      Entering Volumes Using the Variable Rent Gateway
      Entering Deductions
      Window Reference for the Deductions Tab in the Line Items Window
      Calculating Gross Variable Rent
      Using Calculation Methods
      Using Partial Year Calculation Methods
      Calculating Net Variable Rent
      Handling Negative Rent
      Creating and Approving Terms
      Invoice Review Window Reference
      Recalculating and Adjusting Variable Rent
      Working with Forecast Volumes
      Window Reference for Rent Tabs in Line Items Window

Recovery Expense

Overview of Recoveries
      Prerequisites for Recoveries
      Recovery Setup
      Area Class Setup
      Expense Class Setup
      Load Expenses from Oracle General Ledger
      Import Recovery Expense Lines
      Purge the Expense Lines Interface Table
      Recovery Extract
      Create Area Class Details
      Create Expense Class Details
Recovery Agreements
      Recovery Agreement Calculation Methods
      Variables Used for Prorata Share Recovery Calculation
      Find Tenants Without Recovery Agreements
      Create a Recovery Agreement
      Create Recovery Agreement Line Details
Calculate Recovery Agreement
      Running the Calculate Recovery Concurrent Program
      Review Recovery Lines
      Reviewing Billed Recovery of the Recovery Line
      Reviewing Expense Details of the Recovery Line
      Reviewing Constraint Details of the Recovery Line
      Reviewing Abatement Details of the Recovery Line
      Review and Approve Terms
Recovery Window References
Recovery Field References

Managing Operating Expenses

Overview of Operating Expenses
Creating Operating Expense Agreements
      Specifying Method Details
      Specifying Pro Rata Bases
      Specifying Expense Groups
      Specifying Caps
      Calculating Subsequent Year Caps and Minimums
      Deriving the Percentage
      Deriving the Basis
      Carrying Forward Cap Overruns or Savings
      Specifying Rules for Critical Dates
Making Estimated Payments
      Creating Estimated Payments in the Agreement
      Updating Estimated Payments
      Calculating the Catch-Up Amount
      Creating Terms for Updated Payments
      Approving Operating Expense Terms
      Creating Operating Expense Terms in the Lease
Reconciling Payments
      Creating Reconciliations
      Entering Basic Reconciliation Information
      Entering Area or Sales Information for Pro Rata Bases
      Entering Amounts for Expense Groups
      Entering Other Information That Affects Net Tenant Share
      Reviewing Reconciliations and Making Payments
      Reviewing Information for Individual Pro Rata Bases
      Reviewing and Adjusting Total Tenant Share
      Creating and Approving Reconciliation Terms
      Revising Reconciliations
Using the Operating Expenses Dashboard
Selected Field References
      Operating Expense Agreement
      Method Details Tab
      Pro Rata Basis Tab
      Expense Groups Tab
      Caps Tab
      Estimated Payments Tab
      Critical Dates Tab
      Overview and Notes Tab
      Pro Rata Basis Tab
      Expense Groups Tab
      Operating Expense Dashboard


Submitting Standard Reports
Oracle Property Manager Reports
      Alphabetical Space Assignments Report
      Alphabetical Space Assignments Report by Floor
      Alphabetical Space Assignments Report by Postal Code
      Annual Accounting Pro Forma Report
      Annual Cash Flow Pro Forma Report
      Employees Deleted From Space Allocation Report
      Employee Title Report
      Future Minimum Rent Obligations Report
      Lease Abstract Summary Report
      Milestone Analysis Report
      Monthly Accounting Pro Forma Report
      Monthly Cash Flow Pro Forma Report
      Normalized Rent Schedule Report
      Receivables Details Report
      Receivables Summary Report
      Rent Schedule Details Report
      Rent Schedule Export Report
      Rent Schedule Summary Report
      Space Allocation Report
      Space Utilization Report
      Space Utilization Report by Floor
      Space Utilization Report by Office
      Variable Rent Billing Report
Variable Format Reports
Common RXi Report Fields
Property Manager RXi Reports
      RXi: Rent Increase Detail Report
      RXi: Rent Increase with Accounting Details Report
      RXi: Rent Increase Summary Report
      RXi: Space Utilization by Location Report
      RXi: Space Utilization by Lease Report
      RXi: Space Assignment by Location Report
      RXi: Space Assignment by Lease Report
      RXi: Lease Options Report
      RXi: Milestone Report
      RXi: Rent Roll and Lease Expiration Report

Oracle Property Manager Menu Paths

Oracle Property Manager Navigator Paths

Concurrent Programs

Overview of Concurrent Programs
      Submitting Requests
      Monitoring Requests
      Canceling Requests
Oracle Property Manager Concurrent Programs
      Approve or Cancel Approval of Schedules
      Approve Operating Expense Terms
      Approve Rent Increase Terms
      Approve Variable Rent Terms
      Approve Variable Rent Volumes
      Calculate Recovery
      Calculate Rent Increase
      Calculate Variable Rent
      Cost Center Synchronization with HR
      Create Accounts Distribution
      Create Variable Rent Terms
      Employees Deleted from Space Allocation
      Export Billing Items to AR
      Export Locations to Enterprise Asset Management
      Export Payment Items to AP
      Export to CAD Interface
      Extract Expenses from GL
      Generate Rent Increase Periods
      Import from CAD Interface
      Month to Month Rollforward
      Populate Existing Variable Rent Transactions
      Purge Interface Tables
      Recalculate Index Periods for Updated Index History Lines
      Reconcile Variable Rent
      Recovery Module Expense Line Extraction
      Recovery Module Expense Lines Interface Table Purge
      Schedules and Items
      Tenancy Attributes Upgrade
      Transfer Normalized Lines to GL
      Update Location Alias
      Variable Rent - Cascade Breakpoints from Line Items UI to Setup UI
      Variable Rent - Convert Natural Breakpoints to Artificial Breakpoints
      Variable Rent Gateway Import Process
      Variable Rent Gateway Purge Process
      Variable Rent True Up