Oracle Project Manufacturing User's Guide


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Project Manufacturing

Overview of Project Manufacturing
Oracle Project Manufacturing Integration
Project Manufacturing Flow
Project Manufacturing Features
Project Definition
Project Budgeting
Project Setup for Manufacturing
Project Contract Management
Project Sales Management
Project Manufacturing Planning
Project Manufacturing Execution
Project Inventory
Project Manufacturing Costing
Project Billing
Project Quality Management
Special Features

Setup Parameters

Project Manufacturing Parameters
Project Manufacturing Controls
Locators in Project Manufacturing

Project Definition

Assigning Project Parameters
WIP Accounting Classes
Seiban Number Wizard
Defining Seiban Numbers
Creating a Project with Lot Type Seiban Numbers
Modifying an Existing Project with Lot Type Seiban Numbers

Project Manufacturing Validations

Project Manufacturing Validations
Common Validation
Validations in Purchasing
Validations in Inventory
Validations in WIP
Validations in Shipping

Task Auto Assignment

Overview of Task Auto Assignment
Task Auto Assignment Process
Task Auto Assignment FlexSequence
Task Auto Assignment Rules Window
Defining Material Task Assignment
Resource Task Assignment
WIP Material Task Assignment
Copy Task Auto Assignment Rules
Setup for Common Project in Task Auto Assignment

Model/Unit Numbers

Overview of Model/Unit Number Effectivity
Model/Unit Number Effectivity Example
Generating Model/Unit Numbers
Maintaining Model/Unit Numbers

Inventory Transfers

Overview of Inventory Transfers
Recording Borrow/Payback Transactions
Project Inventory Inquiries
Payback Supply and Demand
Project Mass Transfer

Project Manufacturing Inquiry

Overview of the Project Manufacturing Inquiry
Viewing Project Details
Details for Project Manufacturing Inquiry
Project Details in Project Manufacturing Inquiry
Details for Seiban Inquiry
Project Manufacturing Column Details
Expenditures and Commitments
Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Quotations, RFQs, and Blanket Releases
WIP Jobs
Sales Orders and Onhand Availability
Line Schedules
Cost Activity
Viewing Project Cost Activities

Transfer of Invoice Charges

Transfer of Invoice Charges Overview
Define Expenditure Types for Invoice Charges

Reports and Processes

Project Schedule Exception Report - WIP
Project Schedule Exception Report - Procurement Activities
Project Schedule Exception Report - Sales Order
Overdue Project WIP Jobs Report
Overdue Project Procurement Activities Report
Overdue Undemanded Project Sales Orders Report
Project Schedule Exception Notification
Transfer Project Invoice Charges Request

Windows and Navigator Paths

Project Manufacturing Windows and Navigator Paths


Overview of Project Manufacturing Workflows
PJM Contract Type Project Definition Process
PJM Indirect Type Project Definition Process
Project Manufacturing Integration Exception Process
Summary of the Project Manufacturing Integration Exception Process