Oracle Manufacturing Execution System for Process Manufacturing User's Guide


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Understanding MES for Process Manufacturing

About Oracle MES for Process Manufacturing
Tasks and Responsibilities
Process Flow
Interface to Other Applications

Setting Up

Setting Up Profile Options
Enabling Oracle MES for Process Manufacturing
Enabling Control Batch Record
Setting Up Document Numbering
Creating and Deleting a Document Numbering Rule
Updating a Document Numbering Rule
Searching for a Document Numbering Rule
Setting Up Dispensing
Setting Up a Device and Label Printing
Setting Up Nonconformance Tracking

Instruction Sets and Instructions

Understanding Instruction Sets and Instructions
Creating an Instruction Set
Creating Instructions
Adding Instructions to an Instruction Set
Reordering Instructions in an Instruction Set
Searching for Existing Instructions
Updating Instructions
Viewing the Instructions List
Updating an Instruction Set
Viewing the Instruction Set List
Adding Instructions to an Operation

Operator Workbench

Understanding the Operator Workbench
Locking Batch Steps
Acting on Instructions


Understanding Dispensing
Reserving Material
Searching for Reserved Material to Dispense
Executing Dispense Instructions
Dispensing Reserved Material
Searching for Dispensed Material
Viewing the Dispensed Material Activity Details
Viewing Reverse Dispense Instructions
Performing Reverse Dispensing
Viewing the Reverse Dispensed Material Activity Details
Running Reports for Dispensing Operations

Device Integration

Understanding Device Integration
Mapping a Device to a Resource
Using Integrated Devices to Enter Process Parameters

Nonconformance Tracking

Understanding Nonconformance Tracking
Capturing Material Nonconformances
Capturing Resource Nonconformances
Disposing Nonconformances
Logging Nonconformances

Label Printing

Understanding Label Management
Printing Dispense Labels

Batch Records

Understanding Batch Records
Viewing and Printing the Master Batch Record
Viewing the Production Status
Viewing the Batch Progression
Viewing and Printing the Control Batch Record

Batch Validation

Understanding the Batch Validator
Validating Batch Information

Using the Touch Screen User Interface

Overview: Touch Screen User Interface
Creating Touch Screen Preferences

Setting Up and Using Dispense Area and Dispensing Booths

Understanding Dispense Area and Dispense Booths
Setting up a Dispense Area and Dispensing Booths
Dispensing Using the Touch Screen Interface
Reverse Dispensing Using the Touch Screen Interface

Setting Up and Using Touch Screen Operator Workbench

Overview: Touch Screen Operator Workbench
Setting the Touch Screen Operator Workbench Process Parameters for Process Instructions
Processing Material Transactions Using the Touch Screen Operator Workbench
Creating Resource Transactions Using the Touch Screen Operator Workbench

Using the Dispense Supervisor Workbench

Understanding the Dispense Supervisor Workbench
Viewing Dispense Task Assignments
Retrieving Unplanned Dispense Tasks

Setting Up and Using Operator Certification

Understanding Operator Certification
Associating a Certificate or Competency with an Item, Resource or Transaction
Overriding a Certificate or Competency requirement

MES for Process Manufacturing Navigation Paths

Oracle MES for Process Manufacturing Navigation Paths

Oracle E-Record Events in Oracle MES for Process Manufacturing

Oracle E-Record Events in MES for Process Manufacturing
      AME Events