Use the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Service and Diagnostics Manual to replace Sun Ultratrademark 45 or Ultra 25 workstation components and diagnose workstation problems.

This document is written for technicians, service personnel, and system administrators who service and repair computer systems.

To safely and successfully perform diagnostics on the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 workstations, you should be able to:

If you are not comfortable performing any of the procedures described in this document, contact your Sun service representative.

How This Document Is Organized

Chapter 1 provides a product description of the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 workstations.

Chapter 2 provides preliminary steps necessary to prepare for component replacement.

Chapter 3 provides replacement procedures for components found on the motherboard.

Chapter 4 provides replacement procedures for data storage components.

Chapter 5 provides replacement procedures for chassis components.

Chapter 6 provides procedures to finish component replacement.

Chapter 7 provides an overview of diagnostics tools and procedures.

Chapter 8 provides basic troubleshooting tasks, commands, and system responses.

Chapter 9 provides details on Solaris predictive self-healing diagnostics tools as well as other Solaris diagnostics tools.

Chapter 10 provides information about NVRAM and changing NVRAM settings.

Chapter 11 provides diagnostics information related to power-on self-test (POST),

Chapter 11 describes OpenBoottrademark Diagnostics for the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 workstations.

Chapter 12 describes the OpenBoot PROM and related tools.

Chapter 13 provides basic SunVTStrademark software information and references to SunVTS documentation.

Appendix A describes how to manage power-saving modes of the Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstations.

Appendix B lists the specifications of the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 workstations.

Appendix C provides a functional description of the Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 workstations.

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Additional Support Resources

TABLE P-1 lists additional resources to assist with your Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstation.

TABLE P-1 Additional Support Resources

Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Support Resources

URL or Telephone Number

Find Solaris and other software documents here. This is also an alternative web site for some Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 documents. This web site has full search capabilities.

Warranty and Contract Support contacts. Links to other service tools.

Discussion and Troubleshooting Forums.

Support, Diagnostic Tools, Alerts, for all Sun products.

SunSolvesm: Contains links to software patches. Lists some workstation specifications, troubleshooting and maintenance information, and other tools.

Lists warranties for every Sun product.

Sun Service Support phone number.

1-800-872-4786 (1-800-USA-4Sun) Select Option 1

This web site lists international telephone numbers for Sun Service Support.

Note - Access to some Sun proprietary information is restricted to authorized Sun personnel.

Some low-level hardware and software failures require troubleshooting techniques that are beyond the scope of this document, and are best resolved by those persons with experience and skill in fault analysis. Your Sun Microsystems service representative can provide these types of services.

Documentation, Support, and Training

Sun Function





Third-Party Web Sites

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Related Documentation

TABLE P-2 Related Documentation



Part Number

Basic workstation hardware and software setup

Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Installation Guide
(Available in ten languages.)


Recent information and changes

Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Product Notes


Basic workstation setup information

Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Getting Started Guide


Safety and compliance

Sun Ultra 45 and Ultra 25 Workstations Safety and Compliance Guide


Important Safety Information for Sun Hardware Systems


Solaris 10 Operating System

Solaris 10 1/06 Sun Hardware Platform Guide


Solaris 10 System Administration Guide


Power Management and Dtpower

Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide


SunVTS documentation

SunVTS 6.1 User's Guide


SunVTS Quick Reference Card


SunVTS Test Reference Manual for SPARC Platforms


SunVTS 6.1 Release Notes


Graphics accelerator documentation

Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator Installation Guide


Sun XVR-2500 Graphics Accelerator Installation and User's Guide


SunPCitrademark III co-processor board documentation

SunPCi III 3.2.1 User's Guide


Sun PCi III Quick Start Installation Guide


SunPCi III 3.2.2 Product Notes


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