All search form handler components generally require you to set the following properties:




Determines whether a search proceeds or throw an error when no search criterion is specified. The default value is true.


Determines whether search criteria include previously entered criteria. See Clearing Search Query Data for details. The default value is false.


Determines whether the ATG platform numbers the items located by a search. See Search Results Properties for an explanation of related properties. The default value is false.


URL that opens when a search fails. Set this property to the URL of a page that describes the error and provides tools for starting another search.


Item types to include in the search. The item types must be defined for the repository specified in the repositories property.


Tracks whether a query that uses this SearchFormHandler occurred during the current session. When a search begins, this property is set to true.


A comma-delimited list of repositories to include in the search. Specify the full path of each repository to the component.


URL that opens when a search operation succeeds. This property should point to the URL for the first search results page.

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