To enable keyword searches in the form handler, you set the following properties:

You configure keyword searching with these properties:




If true, enables this component for keyword searches.


An array of string properties to exclude from a keyword search, specified in this format:

For example, the following setting specifies to exclude properties someDescription and someString in items of type descriptor1 from keyword searches:



One or more keyword values, typically supplied by the search form user. Multiple keyword values are joined through the Logical Operators AND, NOT, and OR.


List of keywords that are always used in a search. If no keywords are specified for this property, the keywords must be supplied by the user.


The properties that are scanned during a keyword search, specified in this format:

If this property is empty, the keyword search looks at all string properties in the item types that are specified by the itemTypes property.

If you specify multiple properties, the keyword search generates a query for each property, then ORs these queries together. If any query matches an item, the item is returned by the search operation.


If set to true, converts user-entered keyword to lowercase. If toLowerCaseKeywords and toUpperCaseKeywords properties are both set to true, toLowerCaseKeywords takes precedence. The default value is false.


If set to true, converts user-entered keyword to uppercase. The default value is false.

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