A hierarchical search returns all parent and descendant items of the specified item. A hierarchical search looks in a family of items, starting from a given item level and extending to that item’s descendants.

Each item type must have a multi-valued property whose value is a complete list of its ancestor IDs. Hierarchical searching restricts the search results to items whose ancestor items include the item specified in the ancestorId property.

The ancestorPropertyName property specifies the name of the ancestor item property. You can specify ancestor categories by setting properties manually.

Hierarchical search properties

To configure a hierarchical search tool, set these properties:




Repository ID that represents an inheritance scheme or lineage. This property is set to the repository ID of the item whose descendants you want to search, typically obtained through a hidden input tag, or supplied by the form user through an input field


Name that represents an inheritance scheme or lineage.


Set to true in order to enable the component for hierarchical searches.

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