The implementation of text searching is RDBMS-specific and uses the database’s text search facility, if any. If your database supports a full-text search engine, you must configure it as required by your application, and set the repository component’s simulateTextSearchQueries property to false.

Simulated text searches

If a full-text search engine unavailable—your RDBMS does not support one, or you are not licensed to use it—the SQL repository can simulate full-text searching by using the LIKE operator to determine whether the target value is a substring of any of the text properties being examined. To enable this feature, set the repository component’s simulateTextSearchQueries property to true.

Note: Simulated full-text searching is useful for development purposes; however, performance is liable to be inadequate in a production environment.

You also might want to set simulateTextSearchQueries to true in order to test full-text searching on the default ATG database SOLID, which disallows full-text searching. After you migrate content to a production database that can handle full-text searching, be sure to reset the property to false.

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