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Oracle® x86 Servers Diagnostics Guide For Servers Supporting Oracle ILOM 3.0.x
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Document Information


1.  Introduction to Diagnostic Tools

About Diagnostic Tools

Strategy for Diagnostics

To Diagnose Server Problems

Service Processor

Standalone Package-Based Diagnostics

Offline Operating System-Based Diagnostics

Online Operating System-Based Diagnostics

Diagnostic Tools for Oracle Servers




Oracle VTS

Snapshot Utility

Using the Diagnostic Tools to Troubleshoot a Server

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Diagnostic Test Coverage

Setting Up a Server for Testing

2.  U-Boot Diagnostic Start-Up Tests

U-Boot Diagnostic Start-Up Tests Overview

Server Diagnostic Test Options at Start-Up

U-Boot Diagnostic Test Modes - Normal, Quick, and Extended

Reporting of Diagnostic Failures at Server Start-Up

Running the U-Boot Diagnostic Tests

Before You Begin

To Select a U-Boot Diagnostic Mode to Run at Start-Up

Sample U-Boot Test Output

U-Boot Normal Mode - Test Output Sample

U-Boot Quick Mode - Test Output Sample

U-Boot Extended Mode - Test Output Sample

Sample SP Environmental Variables Showing U-Boot Test Status

3.  Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

Pc-Check Diagnostics Overview

Accessing the Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

To Access Pc-Check Using the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

To Access Pc-Check Using the Oracle ILOM CLI

System Information Menu

System Information Menu Options

Advanced Diagnostics Tests

Advanced Diagnostics Tests Menu Options

Immediate Burn-in Testing

Immediate Burn-in Testing Menu Options

Deferred Burn-in Testing

To Create and Save Scripts for Deferred Burn-in Testing

Show Results Summary

Show Results Summary Menu Options

Print Results Report

About Pc-Check

Exit to DOS


Sample SP Environmental Variables Showing U-Boot Test Status

A -Failed or -Passed status of the last U-Boot test performed on the server is stored in the SP environmental variables. To view this status from the diagnostic mode, use the U-Boot showenv command. A sample output of the environmental variables showing the status of U-Boot tests is provided in the following example.

update_flash=protect off all; erase 100a0000 ${flash_top}; tftp 100a0000 ${bootfile}; setenv preserve_conf no; saveenv
update_uboot=protect off all; erase 100a0000 100fffff; tftp 100a0000 ${ubootfile}netmask=
erase_perm=protect off all; cp.b 10000000 42000000 20000; erase 10000000 1001ffff; cp.b 42000000 10000000 18000preboot> ubootubootfile=/tftpboot/sm158724/virgo-u-boot.binflash_top=11ffffffethact=faradaynic#0diags_result=Diags .. PASSEDpreserve_users=nopreserve_conf=yesset_factory_defaults=noserial_is_host=0upgrade_bios=yesbaudrate=9600ethaddr=00:14:4F:CA:16:0Aeth1addr=00:14:4F:CA:16:0Bstdin=serialstdout=serialstderr=seriali2c_bus=2
bootfile=nightly-virgo-rom.flashWARNING: Will reboot after 300 seconds of idle time.
=> showenv