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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: C++ User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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Part I C++ Compiler

1.  The C++ Compiler

2.  Using the C++ Compiler

3.  Using the C++ Compiler Options

Part II Writing C++ Programs

4.  Language Extensions

5.  Program Organization

6.  Creating and Using Templates

7.  Compiling Templates

8.  Exception Handling

9.  Improving Program Performance

9.1 Avoiding Temporary Objects

9.2 Using Inline Functions

9.3 Using Default Operators

9.4 Using Value Classes

9.4.1 Choosing to Pass Classes Directly

9.4.2 Passing Classes Directly on Various Processors

9.5 Cache Member Variables

10.  Building Multithreaded Programs

Part III Libraries

11.  Using Libraries

12.  Using the C++ Standard Library

13.  Using the Classic iostream Library

14.  Building Libraries

Part IV Appendixes

A.  C++ Compiler Options

B.  Pragmas



9.2 Using Inline Functions

Calls to small and quick functions can be smaller and quicker when expanded inline than when called normally. Conversely, calls to large or slow functions can be larger and slower when expanded inline than when branched to. Furthermore, all calls to an inline function must be recompiled whenever the function definition changes. Consequently, the decision to use inline functions requires considerable care.

Do not use inline functions when you anticipate changes to the function definition and recompiling all callers is expensive. Otherwise, use inline functions when the code to expand the function inline is smaller than the code to call the function or the application performs significantly faster with the function inline.

The compiler cannot inline all function calls, so making the most effective use of function inlining may require some source changes. Use the +w option to learn when function inlining does not occur. In the following situations, the compiler will not inline the function: