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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: C++ User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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Part I C++ Compiler

1.  The C++ Compiler

2.  Using the C++ Compiler

3.  Using the C++ Compiler Options

Part II Writing C++ Programs

4.  Language Extensions

5.  Program Organization

6.  Creating and Using Templates

7.  Compiling Templates

8.  Exception Handling

9.  Improving Program Performance

10.  Building Multithreaded Programs

Part III Libraries

11.  Using Libraries

12.  Using the C++ Standard Library

12.1 C++ Standard Library Header Files

12.2 STLport

12.2.1 Redistribution and Supported STLport Libraries

12.3 Apache stdcxx Standard Library

13.  Using the Classic iostream Library

14.  Building Libraries

Part IV Appendixes

A.  C++ Compiler Options

B.  Pragmas



12.1 C++ Standard Library Header Files

Table 12-1 lists the headers for the complete standard library along with a brief description of each.

Table 12-1 C++ Standard Library Header Files

Header File
Standard algorithms that operate on containers
Fixed-size sequences of bits
The numeric type representing complex numbers
Sequences supporting addition and removal at each end
Predefined exception classes
Stream I/O on files
Function objects
iostream manipulators
iostream base classes
Forward declarations of iostream classes
Basic stream I/O functionality
Input I/O streams
Class for traversing a sequence
Properties of numeric types
Ordered sequences
Support for internationalization
Associative containers with key/value pairs
Special memory allocators
Basic memory allocation and deallocation
Generalized numeric operations
Output I/O streams
Sequences supporting addition at the head and removal at the tail
Associative container with unique keys
Stream I/O using an in-memory string as source or sink
Sequences supporting addition and removal at the head
Additional standard exception classes
Buffer classes for iostreams
Sequences of characters
Run-time type identification
Comparison operators
Value arrays useful for numeric programming
Sequences supporting random access