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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: Fortran User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

2.  Using Solaris Studio Fortran

3.  Fortran Compiler Options

4.  Solaris Studio Fortran Features and Extensions

5.  FORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Solaris Studio Fortran

A.  Runtime Error Messages

B.  Features Release History

C.  Fortran Directives Summary


Numbers and Symbols























padding for, index icon3.4.70 –pad[=p]
specify hardware cache, index icon3.4.108 –xcache=c
CALL, inlining subprogram calls with -inline, index icon3.4.43 –inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
case, preserve upper and lower case, index icon3.4.88 –U
cc command-line options, -xvector, index icon3.4.169 -xvector[=a]
C(..) directive, index icon2.3.1.1 The C Directive
CDIR$ in directives, index icon4.8.1.1 Fixed-Form Source
code size, index icon3.4.164 –xspace
command-line, help, index icon1.8 Command-Line Help
command-line options
Reference to all option flags, index icon3.4 Options Reference
grouped by function, index icon3.3 Options Summary
summary, index icon3.3 Options Summary
-a (obsolete), index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
-aligncommon, index icon3.4.1 –aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
-ansi, index icon3.4.2 –ansi
-arg=local, index icon3.4.3 –arg=local
-autopar, parallelize automatically, index icon3.4.4 –autopar
-Bdynamic, index icon3.4.5 –B{static|dynamic}
-Bstatic, index icon3.4.5 –B{static|dynamic}
-C, check subscripts, index icon3.4.6 –C
-c, compile only, index icon3.4.7 –c
commonly used, index icon3.3.1 Commonly Used Options
-copyargs, allow stores to literal arguments, index icon3.4.8 –copyargs
-Dname, define symbol, index icon3.4.9 –Dname[=def]
index icon3.4.10 –dalign
index icon3.4.23 –fast
-dbl_align_all, force data alignment, index icon3.4.11 –dbl_align_all[={yes|no}]
default options file, index icon2.6 User-Supplied Default Options File
-depend, index icon3.4.23 –fast
data dependency analysis, index icon3.4.12 –depend[={yes|no}]
-dn, index icon3.4.14 –d{y|n}
-dryrun, index icon3.4.13 –dryrun
-dy, index icon3.4.14 –d{y|n}
-e, extended source lines, index icon3.4.15 –e
-erroff, suppress warnings, index icon3.4.16 –erroff[={%all|%none|taglist}]
-errtags, display message tag with warnings, index icon3.4.17 –errtags[={yes|no}]
-errwarn, error warnings, index icon3.4.18 –errwarn[={%all|%none|taglist}]
-ext_names, externals without underscore, index icon3.4.19 –ext_names=e
-F, index icon3.4.20 –F
-f77, index icon3.4.22 –f77[=list]
-f, align on 8-byte boundaries, index icon3.4.21 –f
-fast, index icon3.4.23 –fast
-fixed, index icon3.4.24 –fixed
-flags, index icon3.4.25 –flags
-fma, index icon3.4.26 –fma={none|fused}
-fnonstd, index icon3.4.27 –fnonstd
index icon3.4.23 –fast
index icon3.4.28 –fns[={yes|no}]
-fpp, Fortran preprocessor, index icon3.4.30 –fpp
-fprecision, x86 precision mode, index icon3.4.31 –fprecision={single|double|extended}
-free, index icon3.4.32 –free
-fround=r, index icon3.4.33 –fround={nearest|tozero|negative|positive}
-fsimple, index icon3.4.23 –fast
simple floating-point model, index icon3.4.34 –fsimple[={1|2|0}]
-fstore, index icon3.4.35 –fstore
-ftrap, index icon3.4.36 –ftrap=t
-G, index icon3.4.37 –G
-g, index icon3.4.38 –g
-hname, index icon3.4.39 –hname
-help, index icon3.4.40 –help
-Idir, index icon3.4.41 –Ipath
-i8use —xtypemap=integer:64 instead, index icon3.4.42 -i8
-inline, index icon3.4.43 –inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
-iorounding, index icon3.4.44 –iorounding[={compatible|processor-defined}]
-keeptmp, index icon3.4.45 –keeptmp
-Kpic, index icon3.4.46 –Kpic
-KPIC, index icon3.4.47 –KPIC
-Ldir, index icon3.4.48 –Lpath
-llibrary, index icon3.4.49 –lx
legacy, index icon3.3.3 Backward Compatibility and Legacy Options
index icon3.4.23 –fast
index icon3.4.50 –libmil
-library=sunperf, index icon3.4.51 -library=sunperf
-loopinfo, show parallelization, index icon3.4.52 –loopinfo
-Mdir, f95 modules, index icon4.9 Module Files
-m32 | —m64, index icon3.4.54 –m32 | –m64
macros, index icon3.3.2 Macro Flags
-moddir, index icon3.4.55 –moddir=path
-mt, multithread safe libraries, index icon3.4.56 -mt[={yes|no}]
-native, index icon3.4.57 –native
-native (obsolete), index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
-noautopar, index icon3.4.58 –noautopar
-nodepend, index icon3.4.59 –nodepend
-nofstore, index icon3.4.60 -nofstore
-nolib, index icon3.4.61 –nolib
-nolibmil, index icon3.4.62 –nolibmil
-noqueue (obsolete), index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
-noreduction, index icon3.4.63 –noreduction
-norunpath, index icon3.4.64 –norunpath
index icon3.4.23 –fast
index icon3.4.65 –O[n]
index icon3.4.65 –O[n]
index icon3.4.65 –O[n]
-o, output file, index icon3.4.66 –o filename
obsolete, index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
obsolete f77 flags not supported, index icon5.2 Incompatibility Issues
-onetrip, index icon3.4.67 –onetrip
-openmp, index icon3.4.68 –openmp
order of processing, index icon3.2 Options Syntax
-p, profile (obsolete), index icon3.4.69 –p
index icon3.4.23 –fast
index icon3.4.70 –pad[=p]
pass option to compilation phase, index icon3.4.74 –Qoption pr ls
-pg, profile by procedure, index icon3.4.71 –pg
-pic, index icon3.4.72 –pic
-PIC, index icon3.4.73 –PIC
-pic (obsolete), index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
-PIC (obsolete), index icon3.3.4 Obsolete Option Flags
-Qoption, index icon3.4.74 –Qoption pr ls
-Rlist, index icon3.4.76 –R ls
-r8const, index icon3.4.77 –r8const
-recl=a[,b], index icon3.4.78 –recl=a[,b]
-S, index icon3.4.80 –S
-s, index icon3.4.81 –s
-silent, index icon3.4.82 –silent
index icon3.4.83 –stackvar
index icon3.4.159 –xrecursive
-stop_status, index icon3.4.84 –stop_status[={yes|no}]
syntax, index icon3.2 Options Syntax
-temp, index icon3.4.85 –temp=dir
-time, index icon3.4.86 –time
-traceback, index icon3.4.87 –traceback[={%none|common|signals_list}]
-U, do not convert to lowercase, index icon3.4.88 –U
-Uname, undefine preprocessor macro, index icon3.4.89 –Uname
-u, index icon3.4.90 –u
unrecognized options, index icon2.2.7 Unrecognized Command-Line Arguments
-unroll, unroll loops, index icon3.4.91 –unroll=n
-use, index icon4.9.2 The -use=list Option Flag
-V, index icon3.4.93 –V
-v, index icon3.4.94 –v
-vax, index icon3.4.95 –vax=keywords
-vpara, index icon3.4.96 –vpara
-W, index icon3.4.97 -Wc,arg
-w, index icon3.4.98 –w[n]
-xaddr32, index icon3.4.101 –xaddr32[={yes|no}]
-xalias=list, index icon3.4.102 –xalias[=keywords]
-xannotate[={yes|no}], index icon3.4.103 –xannotate[={yes|no}]
-xarch=isa, index icon3.4.104 –xarch=isa
index icon2.3.1.8 The ASSUME Directives
index icon3.4.105 –xassume_control[=keywords]
-xautopar, index icon3.4.106 –xautopar
-xbinopt, index icon3.4.107 –xbinopt={prepare | off}
-xcache=c, index icon3.4.108 –xcache=c
-xchip=c, index icon3.4.110 –xchip=c
-xcode=c, index icon3.4.111 –xcode=keyword
-xcommoncheck, index icon3.4.112 –xcommonchk[={yes|no}]
-xdebugformat, index icon3.4.113 –xdebugformat={dwarf|stabs}
-xdepend, index icon3.4.114 –xdepend
-xF, index icon3.4.115 –xF
-xhasc, Hollerith as character, index icon3.4.117 –xhasc[={yes|no}]
-xhelp=h, index icon3.4.118 –xhelp=flags
-xhwcprof, index icon3.4.119 –xhwcprof[={enable | disable}]
-xia, interval arithmetic, index icon3.4.120 –xia[={widestneed|strict}]
-xinline, index icon3.4.121 –xinline=list
-xinstrument, index icon3.4.122 –xinstrument=[%no]datarace
-xinterval=v for interval arithmetic, index icon3.4.123 –xinterval[={widestneed|strict|no}]
-xipo_archive, index icon3.4.125 –xipo_archive[={none|readonly|writeback}]
-xipo, interprocedural optimizations, index icon3.4.124 –xipo[={0|1|2}]
-xivdep, index icon3.4.126 –xivdep[=p]
-xjobs, multiprocessor compilation, index icon3.4.127 –xjobs=n
-xkeepframe, prohibit stack-related optimizations, index icon3.4.128 –xkeepframe[=[%all,%none,name,no%name]]
-xknown_lib, optimize library calls, index icon3.4.129 –xknown_lib=library_list
-xlang=f77, link with Fortran 77 libraries, index icon3.4.131 –xlang=f77
-xld, (obsolete), index icon3.4.132 –xld
-xlibmil, index icon3.4.133 –xlibmil
index icon3.4.23 –fast
index icon3.4.134 –xlibmopt
-xlic_lib=sunperf obsolete, index icon3.4.135 –xlic_lib=sunperf
-Xlinker, index icon3.4.99 -Xlinker arg
-xlinkopt, index icon3.4.136 –xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
-xlinkopt, link-time optimizations, index icon3.4.136 –xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
-Xlist, global program checking, index icon3.4.100 –Xlist[x]
-xl, (obsolete), index icon3.4.130 –xl
-xloopinfo, index icon3.4.137 –xloopinfo
-xmaxopt, index icon3.4.138 –xmaxopt[=n]
-xmemalign, index icon
index icon3.4.141 –xnolib
index icon3.4.142 –xnolibmil
-xnolibmopt, index icon3.4.143 –xnolibmopt
-xOn, index icon3.4.144 –xOn
-xopenmp, index icon3.4.145 –xopenmp[={parallel|noopt|none}]
-xpagesize, index icon3.4.147 –xpagesize=size
-xpagesize_heap, index icon3.4.148 –xpagesize_heap=size
-xpagesize_stack, index icon3.4.149 –xpagesize_stack=size
-xpec, index icon3.4.150 –xpec[={yes|no}]
-xpg, index icon3.4.151 –xpg
-xpp=p, index icon3.4.152 –xpp={fpp|cpp}
index icon2.3.1.7 The PREFETCH Directives
index icon2.3.1.7 The PREFETCH Directives
-xprefetch_auto_type, index icon3.4.154 –xprefetch_auto_type=indirect_array_access
-xprofile_ircache, index icon3.4.157 –xprofile_ircache[=path]
-xprofile=p, index icon3.4.156 –xprofile=p
-xprofile_pathmap=param, index icon3.4.158 –xprofile_pathmap=collect_prefix:use_prefix
-xrecursive, index icon3.4.159 –xrecursive
-xreduction, index icon3.4.160 –xreduction
-xregs=r, index icon3.4.161 –xregs=r
-xs, index icon3.4.162 –xs
-xsafe=mem, index icon3.4.163 –xsafe=mem
-xspace, index icon3.4.164 –xspace
-xtarget=native, index icon3.4.23 –fast
-xtarget=t, index icon3.4.165 –xtarget=t
-xtime, index icon3.4.166 –xtime
-xtypemap, index icon3.4.167 –xtypemap=spec
-xunroll, index icon3.4.168 –xunroll=n
-xvector, index icon3.4.23 –fast
-ztext, index icon3.4.170 –ztext
comments, as directives, index icon4.8 Directives
alignment, index icon3.4.1 –aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
global consistency, -Xlist, index icon3.4.100 –Xlist[x]
padding, index icon3.4.70 –pad[=p]
TASKCOMMON consistency checking, index icon3.4.112 –xcommonchk[={yes|no}]
Fortran 77
index icon3.4.22 –f77[=list]
index iconFORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Solaris Studio Fortran
forward, index icon4.11 Forward Compatibility
with C, index icon4.12 Mixing Languages
compile and link
index icon2.2.1 Compile-Link Sequence
index icon2.2.5 Separate Compiling and Linking
and -B, index icon3.4.5 –B{static|dynamic}
build a dynamic shared library, index icon3.4.37 –G
compile only, index icon3.4.7 –c
dynamic (shared) libraries, index icon3.4.14 –d{y|n}
command line, index icon2.2 Invoking the Compiler
driver, show commands with -dryrun
index icon3.4.13 –dryrun
index icon3.4.13 –dryrun
show version, index icon3.4.93 –V
timing, index icon3.4.86 –time
verbose messages, index icon3.4.94 –v
constant arguments, -copyargs, index icon3.4.8 –copyargs
continuation lines
index icon3.4.15 –e
index icon4.1.1 Continuation Line Limits
conventions, file name suffixes, index icon2.2.2 Command-Line File Name Conventions
coverage analysis (tcov), index icon3.4.156 –xprofile=p
cpp, C preprocessor
index icon2.2.4 Source File Preprocessors
index icon3.4.9 –Dname[=def]
index icon3.4.20 –F
pointer, index icon4.3 Cray Pointers
pointer and Fortran pointer, index icon4.3.3 Declaring Cray Pointers and Fortran 95 Pointers
cross reference table, Xlist, index icon3.4.100 –Xlist[x]