Oracle® VM

Getting Started Guide for Release 3.1.1

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January 2013


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This tutorial describes how to get started with Oracle VM, and walks you through discovering Oracle VM Servers, registering storage, setting up networking, setting up a storage repository and importing resources into it, creating a server pool and creating virtual machines.

You should read and follow this tutorial if you are new to Oracle VM and want to quickly get up and running.

Table of Contents

1. Audience
2. Documentation Accessibility
3. Related Documents
4. Conventions
1. Getting Started with Oracle VM
2. Discover Oracle VM Servers
2.1. Discovering Oracle VM Servers
3. Discover Storage
3.1. Discovering a file server
3.2. Discovering a SAN server
4. Create a Virtual Machine Network
4.1. Creating a virtual machine network
5. Create VNICs
5.1. Creating VNICs
6. Create a Server Pool
6.1. Creating a server pool
7. Create a Storage Repository
7.1. Creating a storage repository
8. Add Resources to Storage Repository
8.1. Importing an assembly
8.2. Importing a virtual machine template
8.3. Importing an ISO file
9. Create Virtual Machines
9.1. Creating a virtual machine from a template
9.2. Creating a virtual machine from an assembly
9.3. Creating a virtual machine from an ISO file
9.4. Starting a virtual machine and connecting to the console