If you have enabled profile realms for your Oracle ATG Web Commerce application, threads of execution have a profile realm context. Profile realms are subsets of external users that control which sites a user can access. See information about profile realms in the ATG Multisite Administration Guide. The profile realm context for a thread controls the profile realm used for actions such as creating users, finding users, or logging in as a user.

In many cases, the profile realm context is derived from the profile realm associated with the current site context. See Site Context Management. You can set the profile realm context for the current thread explicitly using the pushRealmId and popRealmId methods of the /atg/multisite/ProfileRealmManager component. See Profile Realm Context Push and Pop Methods. You can set the profile realm context for an HTTP request using the Profile Realm pushRealm URL Parameter.

Use methods of the atg.multisite.ProfileRealmManager class to work with profile realms. See information about the class and its API in ATG Platform API Reference.

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