If your Oracle ATG Web Commerce product suite includes the Personalization module, and you are setting up a web site for a non-Latin locale, you can perform some localization of the site by translating the Strings in the profile repository definition file, userprofile.xml. The Strings in this file are actually keys that link to a ResourceBundle file named UserProfileTemplateResources.properties. The Strings in this ResourceBundle appear in the People and Organizations section of the ATG Control Center, and they might also appear in any web site pages whose content you generate directly from these values in the profile repository. If you translate these Strings, the translated values appear in the ATG Control Center as well as in your web site.

The following example is taken from the UserProfileTemplateResources.properties file. The keys appear on the left, and the text to translate is in italic font on the right side of the equals sign:

# item descriptor User

For more information on profile repositories, see the ATG Personalization Programming Guide.

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