There are certain cases when text within <input> tags should be translated and certain cases when it should not.

Default Values in Text Bean Input Tags

A default value specified for the value attribute. This value is visible to the user. In this case, the default value text for this attribute should be translated.

Default Values in Hidden Bean Input Tags

No text should be translated. The default value of the value attribute is a hidden value that is not visible to the user.

Checkbox Input Tags

If input tags are used to display a checkbox, no text should be translated.

If multiple options are displayed with checkboxes, the text following the input tag should be translated.

Radio Button Input Tags

If input tags are used to display radio buttons, no text should be translated.

Image Input Tags

If an image input is represented as an image (taken from the src attribute), no text should be translated.

Submit Input Tags

In the case of submit input tags, the value associated with the submit button should be translated. For example, if the value attribute specifies the button value the text should be translated.

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