Planning for Network Deployment in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


definitionindex iconNetwork Topology Overview
packet transfer by routersindex iconHow Routers Transfer Packets
redundancy and reliabilityindex iconBasic Network Topology
index iconBasic Network Topology
index iconNetwork Topology Overview
IP addresses
CIDR notationindex iconIPv4 Addresses
designing an address schemeindex iconDeciding on an IP Addressing Format for Your Network
network classes
network number administrationindex iconIPv4 Addresses
policies for IPv6-enabled networksindex iconHow to Prepare Network Services for IPv6 Support
addressing planindex iconCreating an IPv6 Addressing Plan for Nodes
DNS support preparationindex iconHow to Prepare DNS for IPv6 Support
security considerationsindex iconSecurity Considerations for the IPv6 Implementation