Planning for Network Deployment in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Security Considerations for the IPv6 Implementation

When you introduce IPv6 into an existing network, you must take care not to compromise the security of the site.

    Be aware of the following security issues as you phase in your IPv6 implementation:

  • The same amount of filtering is required for both IPv6 packets and IPv4 packets.

  • IPv6 packets are often tunneled through a firewall.

      Therefore, you should implement either of the following scenarios:

    • Have the firewall do content inspection inside the tunnel.

    • Put an IPv6 firewall with similar rules at the opposite tunnel endpoint.

  • Some transition mechanisms exist that use IPv6 over User Datagram Protocol (UDP) over IPv4 tunnels. These mechanisms might prove problematic by short-circuiting the firewall.

  • IPv6 nodes are globally reachable from outside the enterprise network. If your security policy prohibits public access, you must establish stricter rules for the firewall. For example, consider configuring a stateful firewall.