Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Thread Analyzer User's Guide

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Updated: December 2014

Understanding the Experiment Results

This section shows how to use both the er_print command line and Thread Analyzer to display the following information about each detected data race:

  • The unique ID of the data race.

  • The virtual address, Vaddr, associated with the data race. If there is more than one virtual address, then the label Multiple Addresses is displayed in parentheses.

  • The memory accesses to the virtual address, Vaddr by two different threads. The type of the access (read or write) is shown, as well as the function, offset, and line number in the source code where the access occurred.

  • The total number of call stack traces associated with the data race. Each trace refers to the pair of thread call stacks at the time the two data race accesses occurred.

    If you are using Thread Analyzer, the two call stacks are displayed in the Race Details window when you select an individual call stack trace in the Races view. If you are using the er_print utility, the two call stacks will be displayed by the rdetail command.