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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Overview

Chapter 2 Status

Chapter 3 Initial Configuration

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Chapter 5 Storage Configuration

Storage Configuration Profile

Storage Configuration Rules and Guidelines

Storage Verification

Storage Allocation on SAS-2 Systems

Data Profile Configuration

Importing Existing Storage Pools

Adding Additional Storage

Unconfiguring Storage

Storage Pool Scrub

Configuring Storage Using the BUI

Configuring a Storage Pool

Adding Cache Devices to an Existing Pool

Configuring Storage Using the CLI

Adding Cache Devices to an Existing Pool

Chapter 6 Storage Area Network Configuration

Chapter 7 User Configuration

Chapter 8 Setting ZFSSA Preferences

Chapter 9 Alert Configuration

Chapter 10 Cluster Configuration

Chapter 11 ZFSSA Services

Chapter 12 Shares, Projects, and Schema

Chapter 13 Replication

Chapter 14 Shadow Migration

Chapter 15 CLI Scripting

Chapter 16 Maintenance Workflows

Chapter 17 Integration


Adding Cache Devices to an Existing Pool

  1. Install the new Readzilla or Logzilla device into the first available slot. See the Overview in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide for slot locations.
  2. At the command line, enter:
  3. : poc:> configuration storage
  4. Specify the pool you want to add the device to:
  5. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2)> set pool=pool_2
  6. : pool = pool_2
  7. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2)> add
  8. :A message reminds you to verify that the device is correctly installed. Note that mixing device types and speeds is strongly discouraged.
  9. Show the device information for the pool:
  10. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) verify> show
  12. : 0 ok custom 0 0 0/4 1.86T
  13. : 1 ok custom 0 0/2 34G 0 15000
  14. : 2 ok custom 0 0/2 34G 0 15000
  15. Specify which disk shelf and the number of Logzillas or Readzillas to use. In the following example, 1-log=1 allocates one Logzilla from the first disk shelf.
  16. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) verify> set 1-log=1
  17. : 1-log = 1
  18. :Note: A value of "1-log=2" would allocate two Logzillas from the first disk shelf.
  19. :This example allocates one Readzilla from the first disk shelf.
  20. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) verify> set 1-cache=1
  21. : 1-cache = 1
  22. Enter done.
  23. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) verify> done
  24. : Note: If you add an odd number of Logzilla devices to a pool, or if a pool does not have already a profile, enter set log_profile=log_mirror to set the log profile.
  25. Enter show to display the profile.
  26. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) config> show
  27. :
  29. : log_profile = log_stripe 17G no Striped log
  30. Enter done to complete the task:
  31. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2) config> done
  32. : poc:configuration storage (pool_2)>