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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Overview

Chapter 2 Status

Chapter 3 Initial Configuration

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Chapter 5 Storage Configuration

Chapter 6 Storage Area Network Configuration

Chapter 7 User Configuration

Chapter 8 Setting ZFSSA Preferences

Chapter 9 Alert Configuration

Chapter 10 Cluster Configuration

Chapter 11 ZFSSA Services

Chapter 12 Shares, Projects, and Schema

Chapter 13 Replication

Chapter 14 Shadow Migration

Chapter 15 CLI Scripting

Automating Access

Batching Commands

Scripting Commands

The Script Environment

Interacting with the System

The Run Function

The Get Function

The List Function

The Children Function

The Choices Function

Generating Output

Dealing with Errors

Chapter 16 Maintenance Workflows

Chapter 17 Integration


Batching Commands

The simplest scripting mechanism is to batch appliance shell commands. For example, to automatically take a snapshot called "newsnap" in the project "myproj" and the filesystem "myfs", put the following commands in a file:

select myproj
select myfs
snapshots snapshot newsnap

Then ssh onto the appliance, redirecting standard input to be the file:

% ssh root@dory < myfile.txt

In many shells, you can abbreviate this by using a "here file", where input up to a token is sent to standard input. Following is the above example in terms of a here file:

% '''ssh root@dory << EOF
select myproj
select myfs
snapshots snapshot newsnap

This mechanism is sufficient for the simplest kind of automation, and may be sufficient if wrapped in programmatic logic in a higher-level shell scripting language on a client, but it generally leaves much to be desired.