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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Overview

ZFSSA Key Features

Supported Protocols

ZFSSA Data Services

Data Availability

ZFSSA Configuration

Browser User Interface (BUI)

Main Window




Session Annotation

Title Bar

Side Panels and Menu Titles

Main Window Side Panels and Menu Titles

Add Projects

Move Shares

Object Name

Non-Standard BUI Control Primer


Editing Share Properties

Viewing List Item Controls

Modal Dialogs

General Usage


Basic Usage


Dashboard Thresholds


Identity Mapping

Miscellaneous Icons

Supported Browsers

Tier 1

Tier 2

Unsupported Browsers

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Logging Into the CLI

CLI Contexts

Root Context

Child Contexts

Dynamic Child Contexts

Last Context

Returning to a Previous Context

Navigating to a Parent Context

Contexts and Tab-Completion

Executing Context-Specific Commands

Uncommitted Contexts


CLI Properties

Getting Properties

Getting a Single Property Value

Tab Completion

Setting Properties

Committing a Set Property Value

Setting a Property Value with an Implied Commit

Setting a Property to a List of Values

Setting a Property to a Value Containing Special Characters

Immutable Properties

Chapter 2 Status

Chapter 3 Initial Configuration

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Chapter 5 Storage Configuration

Chapter 6 Storage Area Network Configuration

Chapter 7 User Configuration

Chapter 8 Setting ZFSSA Preferences

Chapter 9 Alert Configuration

Chapter 10 Cluster Configuration

Chapter 11 ZFSSA Services

Chapter 12 Shares, Projects, and Schema

Chapter 13 Replication

Chapter 14 Shadow Migration

Chapter 15 CLI Scripting

Chapter 16 Maintenance Workflows

Chapter 17 Integration


Main Window

image:Dragging a filesystem into the sidepanel

Changing a filesystem's properties by moving it into another project using the Projects side panel.


The masthead contains several interface elements for navigation and notification, as well as primary functionality. At left, from top to bottom, are the Sun/Oracle logo, a hardware model badge, and hardware power off/restart button. Across the right, again from top to bottom: login identification, logout, help, main navigation, and subnavigation.



System alerts appear in the Masthead as they are triggered. If multiple alerts are triggered sequentially, refer to the list of recent alerts found on the Dashboard screen or the full log available on the Logs in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual screen.


Use main navigation links to view between the Chapter 4, Network Configuration, Maintenance in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual , Chapter 12, Shares, Projects, and Schema, Chapter 2, Status, and Analytics in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide areas of the BUI.

Use sub-navigation links to access features and functions within each area.

Session Annotation

If you provide a session annotation, it appears beneath your login ID and the logout control. To change your session annotation for subsequent administrative actions without logging out, click on the text link. See Chapter 7, User Configuration for details about session annotations.

Title Bar

The title bar appears below the Masthead and provides local navigation and functions that vary depending on the current view.

image:Title bar

For example, the Identity mapping service title bar enables the following:

Side Panels and Menu Titles

To quickly navigate between Service and Project views, open and close the side panel by clicking the title or the reveal image:Panel open arrow.


Main Window Side Panels and Menu Titles

Add Projects

To add projects, click the Add... link in the sidebar.

Move Shares

To move Shares between Projects, click the move image:Move icon and drag a filesystem Share to the appropriate Project in the side panel.

Note that dragging a share into another project will change its properties if they are set to be inherited from its parent project.

Object Name

To change a Share name, click the rename image:Rename icon in the highlighted table row for the Share.

Non-Standard BUI Control Primer

Most BUI controls use standard web form inputs, however there are a few key exceptions worth noting:

Table 1-1  Key Web Form Exceptions
Summary of BUI Controls
Modify a property
Click the edit image:Edit icon and complete the dialog
Add a list item or property entry
Click the add image:Add item icon
Remove a list item or property entry
Click the remove image:Remove icon
Save changes
Click the Apply button
Undo saved changes
Click the Revert button
Delete an item from a list
Click the trash image:Destroy icon (hover the mouse over the item row to see the icon)
Search for an item in a list
Click the search image:Search icon at the top right of the list
Sort by list headings
Click on the bold sub-headings to re-sort the list
Move or drag an item
Click the move image:Move icon
Rename an item
Click the rename image:Rename icon
View details about your system
Oracle logo or click the model badge to go to the web page for your model
Automatically open side panel
Drag an item to the side panel


When setting permissions, the RWX boxes are clickable targets. Clicking on the access group label (User, Group, Other) toggles all permissions for that label on and off.


Editing Share Properties

To edit Share properties, deselect the Inherit from project checkbox.


Viewing List Item Controls

To view controls for an item in a list, hover the mouse over the row.

image:Filesystems list

Modal Dialogs

All modal dialogs have titles and buttons that identify and commit or cancel the current action at top, and content below. The modal content area follows the same interface conventions as the main content area, but are different in that they must be dismissed using the buttons in the title bar before other actions can be performed.

image:Add Threshold Alert dialog