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Creating Package Repositories in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2018

Enabling Users to Retrieve Packages Using a File Interface

This section describes how to serve local repository packages from a directory on your local network.

How to Enable Users to Retrieve Packages Using a File Interface

  1. Configure an NFS share.

    To enable systems to access the local repository by using NFS, create and publish an NFS share.

    $ zfs share -o share.nfs=on rpool/VARSHARE/pkgrepos%ipsrepo

    See the zfs_share(8) man page for more information, such as additional share.nfs properties that you could set.

  2. Confirm that the share is published.

    Use one of the following tests to confirm that the share is published:

    • Search for the repository in the shared file system table.
      $ grep repo /etc/dfs/sharetab
      /var/share/pkgrepos     ipsrepo nfs     sec=sys,rw
    • Determine whether the repository is accessible from a remote system.
      $ dfshares
      RESOURCE                           SERVER ACCESS  TRANSPORT
         solaris:/var/share/pkgrepos    solaris  -       -
  3. Set the publisher origin.

    Using the repository location and publisher name from the previous steps, run the following command to set the origin for the publisher:

    $ pkg set-publisher -g /var/share/pkgrepos/solaris/ solaris

    See Configuring Publishers in Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more information about configuring publishers.